Best Areas in Scarlet and Violet to Catch High-Level Pokémon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paldea Map
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If you want a challenge or two, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have plenty of them. While the games are open-world and you can encounter higher-level Pokémon early on in the game, you are meant to move through Paldea progressively and try to level up accordingly.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that high-level Pokémon spawn in areas that you are meant to visit later on in the game. We recommend that you get yourself to a sufficient level before attempting to catch higher level Pokemon. However, if you’re all leveled up and feel ready to take on more challenging battles, get into our guide to the best areas in Scarlet and Violet to catch high-level Pokémon.

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Area Zero—The Great Crater of Paldea

You can’t miss this area when looking at the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game. It’s the mysterious center of Paldea that you can visit only later on in the game when you finish three main quest lines—Starfall Street, Path of Legends, and Victory Road—and start The Way Home quest.

Locking up this part of the map makes sense as some of the strongest Pokémon you will encounter in Paldea reside in Area Zero. From a level-62 Glimmora in Research Station 1 to level-62 Great Tusk (Scarlet) or Iron Treads (Violet), you will run into some serious opponents in this section, so you better be prepared appropriately.

North Province

Another zone that deserves to be mentioned in this guide is the North Province, which consists of three areas. While these sections of the map also have lower-level spawns, you can expect to find many Pokémon which are level 50 and up.

Some of the high-level fixed spawns you can find in Area One include a level-50 Pawmo, level-52 Riolu, or level-60 Braviary. In Area Two, you can expect more high-level Pokémon, including a level-56 Gogoat and a level-57 Dragonite, while in Area Three, a level-50 Gastrodon can be found.

This province also abounds with level-50-and-above Wild Tera-type Battles.

There you have it—if you feel ready, go and explore North Province and Area Zero. In case you need more help preparing, read our other Pokémon Scarlet and Violet articles, including Where to Get the Ability Patch and How to Start a Raid in Co-Op Mode.

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Best Areas in Scarlet and Violet to Catch High-Level Pokémon


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