Even though the big name superheroes have all been made available in MARVEL Strike Force, there are still a lot that can potentially join our ranks – and three new ones are now available with the latest game update launched for the game.

From now on, players can recruit and make part of their team some new characters, coming from Iron Man and X-Men: Toad, Blob and Ironheart. There are some character tweaks and balances as well… but before we get there, let’s see what the new characters are all about!


Toad Marvel Strike Force

A new member for the Brotherhood of the Mutants, Toad uses his superhuman frog legs and frog tongue to control the battlefield and cast negative effects on his opponents, clear positive effects and get some solid synergy bonuses when teamed up with Blob.


Blob Marvel Strike Force

A truly spectacular Tank (aka Protector), Blob can absorb objects in his own body mass and expel them towards the enemies. The can apply the Slow effect on enemies, deal Area of Effect damage and Taunt opponents to attack him, giving his teammates some room to breathe.

Blob is also part of the Brotherhood of Mutants and works well wit the other new character introduced by this latest update: Toad.


The teenage genius is the final character to join the MARVEL Strike Force crew – at least when this new update is concerned.

On the Power Armor team, Ironheart is a Blaster who lights up enemies with explosive AoE attacks, Ability Block, Defense Down, and always gains an Assist from Iron Man on her Basic attack. Pretty awesome!

Also, apart from the new characters that offer brand new ways to experience the game, some of the existing ones have been tweaked and nerfed, as follows:

  • Iron Man – Now gets additional damage for every Power Armor character on his team
  • War Machine – Increased speed.
  • Magneto – now offers Resistance to other Brotherhood characters
  • Juggernaut – helps fill up the Speed Meter of all Protector characters on his team
  • Hydra Grenadier – He’s been completely revamped to have increased health, focus and resistance. Also, he deals more damage with his basic ability, piercing more armor and casting Slow. His special also got boosted to deal more damage.
  • Hydra Rifle Trooper – Also massive bonuses, with his special dealing Piercing damage and a Passive that increases the damage done to Hydra Minions and Red Skull.
  • Hydra Sniper – Increased Focus, Resistance, Armor and Damage. His Basic can deal more Piercing damage and his Special grants Offense Up to himself and allies. 
  • Hydra Armored Guard – Increased Health, Armor, Focus and Resistance. His Basic attack now applies Assist Now to Hydra Rifle Trooper allies. Additionally his Special now Heals additional health per Debuff removed. 
  • Hydra Scientist – Almost a brand new character with completely tweaked armor, focus and resistance, as well as skills. He has various new or improved effects depending on the combat situations.

So make sure you jump straight into the game now to test the new characters and see how the new character tweaks have changed the rankings of the best characters in the game. And if you’re just starting, our MARVEL Strike Force tips and tricks will definitely come in handy.

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