Marvel Strike Force: Best Characters / Heroes in the Game (Farming Guide Included)

With so many characters to farm in Marvel Strike Force, you are definitely wondering which one(s) should you focus on. Which are the best characters / heroes in Marvel Strike Force? Well, this is the exact question that we’re going to answer in today’s article.

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We know that it’s difficult to create such a list because of the constant game updates that will make some heroes better, while others will be tuned down. But we need to start somewhere and since there’s no game update incoming (or at least not too soon) we can definitely focus on getting the best characters in the game right now.

We’re going to focus on the ones that are easier to farm since these are the characters you will most likely get, but we’re also going to share some of the better characters that are not easy to farm, but can be unlocked eventually through spending power orbs.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below which are the best characters / heroes in Marvel Strike Force!

Best Characters to Farm

Arena Farming – Quake

She is a great hero to have, dealing massive AOE (area of effect) damage. Also one of the top heroes in the game, so farm her as much as you can because she’s worth it!

Arena Farming – Daredevil

Most people recommend Drax as the second hero to farm in the Arena (if you have shards left after spending them on getting Quake), but I don’t like him as much as a tank and I feel that Daredevil is a better option for the short term and early on.

Daredevil is a hero that most people already have unlocked, which means that you need to farm even more shards to star him up, which isn’t as easy. If you already have him and you’re not entirely satisfied with him, you can go for Drax instead, but there are better Tank options in MSF. But if you don’t have Daredevil yet and you have arena shards left, definitely go for him!

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Blitz Farming – Gamora

An extremely good hero, but requires 100 Shards to be unlocked, so you’ll spend a while farming for her. But it’s really worth it as she’s a great damage dealer, gaining extra moves when she finishes off an enemy and dealing tons of damage.

Blitz Farming – Luke Cage

Only if you have shards left and you can afford buying Gamora AND him daily. He is a solid Tank in my opinion with good buffs for the team. I personally prefer him over Drax simply because you start with him and it’s easier to star him up and get him in shape, but he’s not the best tank in the game at the moment.

Raid – None

I don’t really like the options available in the Raid store at the moment, so either save up on some credits to spend when there’s a refresh or get the Orbs instead. You might end up with better shards than what’s offered in the store.

Campaign – Yondu

He was heavily nerfed recently, so he’s not as good as he used to be, but he’s still one great Hero to own in the game thanks to his summoning and AoE abilities. Easy to get as well, since he’s in the first chapter of the Heroes mission. Complete those every day and get him ASAP.

Best Tanks in Marvel Strike Force

Captain America

Captain America has a great kit, which is both offensive and defensive. He can also taunt enemies, which is an ability that’ll come in handy quite a bit, especially if you have a squishy team.


Kingpin is exactly that – a kingpin. He can summon bodyguards that’ll help protect him and the team, and he can also buff his allies’ DEF (and later on their ATK).

Honorable mention: Hulk

There’s not a lot of love for Hulk because he’s slow and annoying, but he’s a real damage dealing Tank that is great to have in the team. It’s also easy to unlock by completing the achievements, so I’d definitely go for him.

#2: Luke Cage

I prefer him over Drax because he’s faster, he usually survives long enough to be extremely worthy for a spot in the team and, even though he doesn’t cause a ton of damage, he’s extremely useful thanks to its defense up skill.

Best Supports in Marvel Strike Force

Night Nurse

The only real healer in the game, she is absolutely amazing when it comes to keeping your characters alive. Her passive healing also helps in the long run. Depending on your play style and type of battle (arena, Blitz, Raid etc), she might be a better choice than Black Widow, who’s usually best for PvP.

Hand Sorceress

With a massive AoE heal, Hand Sorceress makes for an amazing support. She also has quite decent damage, and the heal will later turn into DEF buff for all the allies (plus the mandatory heal).

Honorable Mention: Black Widow

If there were her speed up alone and she would be a great support unit, but she also has stun which is extremely useful in battle. She can be a great unit, until you get something better – or even after, if you pair her up with a couple decent teammates.

Best Attacker in Marvel Strike Force


It’s really difficult to choose a winner here as there are more who work really well, but Gamora is easy to farm and great to have in the team. Her extra attack on a kill make her extremely useful, while her overall stats and power get better and better as you upgrade her. One of my favorite in the game.

Marvel Strike Force best units

Spider-Man (Symbiote)

This is one of the best units overall – Spider-Man (Symbiote) is a great unit for the Symbiote team, which means that he’s a unit that you shouldn’t overlook.

Emma Frost

She has a lot of utility and plenty of flexibility for pretty much any content.


Pure damage dealer with a great passive buff. Many ignore him, but I personally believe that he’s tough as nails. Plus, he’s usually in the squad of most people playing the game, so that’s an extra bonus!


In Dark Dimension 3 she is a true monster. Her kit is perfectly made for that, and if you team her up with Silver Surfer, you’ve got yourself a winner.


If you are a fan of negative effects, she’s the hero you should use – every – single – time! Her Undead Asgardian is also a really powerful unit.


We have already talked about her, one of the best units in terms of crowd control and AoE damage.


Another character we’ve talked about and a great one to have in your team. Mixing AoE damage with extra units, he can prove extremely helpful in the right type of battle.

Iron Man

A great hero to have in the team and close match with the second placed. I personally choose him because of his insane second ability that usually sees you take out an opponent with one shot, but he’s also great overall.


Another great one to have as a fifth man, this guy can turn into a killing machine thanks to his skills. Chains are not always guaranteed, but Thor remains one awesome hero to bring in!

These would be our recommended characters right now. They all pack a great punch and are, for sure, top characters to take into the Arena, the Alliance Raids and in the Campaign missions.

Do you have other favorites? Or maybe you have to add something about the recommended heroes? Let us know by sharing your comments below.

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Marvel Strike Force: Best Characters / Heroes in the Game (Farming Guide Included)


        • oh my, come on bro you may be right but you’d surprised to know that Hulk has 65 speed and Drax has 66 speed, not a massive difference if you ask me and considering hulk get speed up which would put him at 97.5 speed (because speed up gives half extra speed to the hero or villain). And may I add that tanks are really only worthwhile if they are slow, the best thing a tank can do is to stay taunted for as long possible before getting their next turn. Also, Hulk, when you level him about a fair bit, gets some pretty big damage off his special 3 ability that is game changing if used correctly. So im sorry to say but your argument for him being bad is what makes all tanks great. But i will add this in your favour, do not play Hulk as your only tank due to the fact that he won’t get his taunt off quickly enough to save his team, that is where you would play someone like Drax because of passive taunt or Captain America because he has a decent speed and is the best tank in the game.

  1. Quake, Drax, xbones, gamora and Blackwidow or Yondu if you dont have Widow is an awesome team will own in the arena. Drax is good because he has 2 taunts and drain on atk so self heals

  2. I say Spider-Man should be on there because his 1 attack can do some good damage, and his 2 can hit 3 people with 2,000+ health. His three does just about as much as Wolverine and stuns if it’s not the big one

    • i’d love to agree with you but there are other characters that do what he does but better, characters such as Winter Soldier, Korath (i know hes not top tier but he has more options than spidey and does more damage) and Elektra is another character that does more damage than spiderman and has useful buffs and can dispel buffs from enemies which is vital against tanks like drax that taunt and have defense up. But yes I would agree that spiderman is most assuredly worth farming for if your ready to put together a second team for raids and blitz mode.

  3. Crossbones’ Detonate ability is definitely a game changer and worth mentioning. At level 5, it does a massive 430% damage to all enemies. Other than that, great list!

  4. There are two types of teams to run: Burst and Attrition. Burst teams are good for Blitz but Arena. Attrition teams are good at Raids and Campaign.

    Keeping this in mind, here are the best in slot for each team:

    Brawler: Gamora
    Tank: Crossbones
    Blaster: Thor
    Support: Yondu
    Controller: Black Widow/Quake

    Brawler: Wolverine
    Tank: Drax
    Blaster: Thor
    Support: Night Nurse
    Controller: Black Widow/Quake

  5. I don’t know why most of you guys left Jessica Jones aside.
    Using her with Crossbones or any other character who rush to do damage is needed can speed everything up.
    I’m just in the beginning but, in my opinion, she’s very good!
    I’ll try to farm and take, if i can, the team above:

    1 – Gamora / Crossbones / Quake / Youndu / Captain A.
    2 – Dare Devil / Black Widow / Thor / Iron Fist / Luke Cage

    I don’t know if those teams would be good together but, i’ts a try.
    What you guys think?

  6. Crossbones is WAY more OP than ppl give him credit for. Hes tye perfect compliment to Quake since whoever ppl try to kill get nerfed by the other. If ppl go for Quake more, get CB to explode fast (at high levels easy as Detonate only costs 6.) and he gets Deathproof. I also use N Nurse to reheal him, and then taunt which at high level he small heals himself anyway AND gets 2 counters! Hes already decimated their team now and becomes even worse as he builds to another detonate if needed. Keep him alive early and he becomes a terror that WILL win you a game.

  7. How could you leave Xbones off this list????!!!

    His detonate ability is OP, and makes a great team with Drax, Luke Cage, or Captain America.

  8. Drax vs Hulk is no longer being debated, there is no question Drax is a better tank, especially pairing him with Gamora, who’s “deadly methods – 4th ability) gives Drax increased crit chance because both a guardians. Both Hulk and Drax have similar speed 65 hulk and 66 Drax, keep in mind Drax gains a pre-taunt at the start of battle and a 2nd taunt+counter+defense up. Drax’s damage is also far superior to hulk as it takes a long time for hulk to charge his leap ability. hulk is basically garbage for being the slowest tank in the game with piss poor DPS capabilities. Mixing Drax with Gamora has significant advantages for Drax.
    Finally, the best tank in the game is Captain America – this is not debated, it’s just a fact. You live with Luke cage (the best pure tank) until you can farm Drax, then you live with Drax until you farm CA. done.

  9. Def agree with a lot in here saying it’s kinda a personal preference list. Drax is an amazing tank. And you can’t think best character. Because you need to think best team for synergy. Early on cage is a good tank but hey xbones asap. Myself for my All around A team is Drax, Gamora, Night Nurse, Dr Strange, & Scarlet Witch. Lots of synergies. Drax & Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Night Nurse, & Strange can heal, Strange can revive, SW can re-distribute health even past blocks. Strange can flip buffs to de buffs and SW prolong debuffs. So it depends a lot on playstyle and preference. I think early on honorable mentions: dps- wolverine, spiderman, punisher. Tank- luke cage, drax, xbones, hulk. Support- quake, black widow, yondu, Jessica Jones. Healers- shield medic, hand sorceress, night nurse. But acquisition of good characters is just the first step. And if they don’t mesh together then it still doesn’t work. Think in synergy, gear tf out of your chars you want, farm them and get them 7*d, level them with you. It’ll change as you go along. But i kept 15-20 at my current level cap for awhile in the beginning. Good luck all. I’d say bottom line if it’s a hero or villain that isn’t a minion and you can get and farm early, then do. Look at what they do and think about their passive abilities and think about how that could help a team and build that way. Raids will more likely require healers. But for blitz and arena you can even get away with 5 bmf dps’. So play like you feel comfortable and build a team around that. Use the marquee players you like, some minion teams help too and are usually easier to get. For example crossbones buffs hydra. So xbones hydra minions is tough too. Good luck true believers, Excelsior!

  10. Drax is a punching bag .. He is not better than Hulk because with Gamora Drax is better but Hulk with Bw is op so without synergies they both have perks but if it was down to 1v1 Hulk wins .. He can heal gains speed up , deathproof, and even offense up sometimes . If i was down to my last chaarracter i would want Hulk even if i was out numbered . Good list personal opinion which is even better good job.


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