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Marvel Strike Force: How to Unlock More Characters / Heroes Fast

Marvel Strike Force: How to Unlock More Characters / Heroes Fast

Getting more characters in Marvel Strike Force is something that everybody focuses on. Having a large roster to choose from gives you more options in Blitz mode, challenges and events. Plus, it’s always nice to have all the characters / heroes in Marvel Strike Force even if it’s just for bragging rights or admiring them every now and then.

And this is exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s article: how to get get more characters / heroes in Marvel Strike Force. In most cases, you don’t really get to choose, but if you’re consistent and a bit lucky, you’ll soon get the best characters in the game.

Before we check out this guide, don’t forget to also read our previous guides: some basic tips & tricks for all players and a guide on how to level up fast.

Now that we’ve dealt with this, let’s find out below how to unlock more heroes or characters in Marvel Strike Force!

Complete the achievements
Most of the achievements will reward you with some Hulk shards. So focus on completing them all and you will soon get this really strong character in your team. It will take some time, but you might hurry his recruitment through orbs if you are lucky enough.

Farm for character shards
Many of the campaign missions that you complete can reward you with shards for a particular hero in the game. You will usually get just 2 shards of that particular character, but if you are active on a daily basis, you will soon have enough to collect all the required shards and unlock some pretty good characters in Marvel Strike Force.

Have in mind that you can’t win character shards from a particular mission more than once per day. Because of that, the best approach is to Auto Win the missions giving you character shards one at a time – as soon as you get the shards, move on to another mission since you won’t get a new one until the reset.

Complete the events
A great way to unlock new characters is to complete the events available in the game. They currently have a ton of time for you to complete and they give you an additional character, plus enough shards to upgrade them once if you complete all the other event missions. Great way for getting free heroes!

Do well in Blitz Missions
Reaching specific milestones and ranking high in the Blitz missions will reward you with a nice amount of character shards. It is a pretty difficult thing to do and most likely, most players won’t be able to get to Milestone 10 or above in order to max out their chances, but every little bit helps if you can do it.

Another good thing about the Blitz missions, though, is that you can spend Blitz Credits to instantly gain some character shards. You usually have to spend 400 or 500 credits for 5 shards of a character of your choice, based on the ones on offer in the store. There are usually 10 characters to choose from, so it’s really good to unlock those milestones if you want new heroes in the game.

Get Orbs
Although you have little control here, purchasing Orbs for premium currency gives you the chance to unlock characters the fastest.

Of course, since these orbs are usually obtained for hard cash, they’re pretty difficult to get for free, but if you are active in the game, you will definitely be able to afford at least a couple of Premium Orbs by the time you reach level 20 – and more afterwards.

I personally recommend going for the Premium Orb since it guarantees 15 character shards, no matter what.

There is a special Orb available in the game too (right now, it’s a Captain America orb) that guarantees Captain America shards – and this will probably change over time with new heroes. I consider it a bit too expensive for my liking, but if you really want that hero, it might be worth getting that instead.

You will also earn shards for the various orbs by completing daily quests, campaign missions and being active in the game. When you have enough of these, you will get a free orb (or more), so always keep an eye on these because you’ll be opening quite a few of them for free!

Purchasing special packages
At the moment of writing this article, we have a New Player Special offer that gives you Captain America and many other goodies for a one-time purchase, and there are other offers available as well.

Most people consider Cap one of the best heroes in the game (I don’t, for the record) so if you really want him or you want to unlock extra heroes faster, definitely consider these special, limited time deals when they pop up.

Check out the supplies
If you want even more options on the Heroes you’ll unlock, you can check out the Supplies category in the store where you can pay premium currency for guaranteed orbs for a particular hero.

The price is usually equal to a Premium Orb and only gives you 5 character shards, so I consider it a bit expensive. But if you really need shards for a particular hero and they’re available in the store, that’s an option as well.

Arena and Alliance Raids
These are other two features in of the game that give you the chance to unlock characters a lot faster. You will once again need to be very active and build a solid team in order to perform best and rank as high as possible, but the higher you go, the better the rewards.

The best thing is that now, since the game has been just launched, it’s a lot easier to rank high in the arena if you are active because we don’t have a ton of very powerful players with very solid teams – which won’t last for long, for sure.

These would be all the ways that you have to unlock more characters in Marvel Strike Force. Let us know which are your favorite or, of course, if there are some even better ways to farm character shards in the game.

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Marvel Strike Force: How to Unlock More Characters / Heroes Fast


  1. This guide is BS. This guy doesn’t know what he is saying. The title is misleading because there is no quick way other than spending lots of money. Even then some characters are event locked. Capt is the best option for early and late game. I use him in ultimus 6 and venom raid with my global team and in arena


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