Home Game Guides Marvel Strike Force Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Your Battles

Marvel Strike Force Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Your Battles

Marvel Strike Force Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Your Battles

Marvel Strike Force is finally here! And we’re here as well to share some Marvel Strike Force cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for this deep RPG set in the Marvel Universe.

There are a ton of things to do in this game and even more to unlock as you level up and progress through the levels, and we’re going to talk about them all in today’s article and the series of upcoming articles that we’re going to publish on our website. So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Marvel Strike Force tips and tricks below!

Focus on the daily missions
The daily missions are pure gold, especially early on when you start playing this game. These will help you gain a ton of resources, level up fast and learn how to play the game, while at the same time staying focused and completing the things you should in the game, in the correct order.

Even later on, as you go up the levels, the daily missions are things you mist complete in order to maximize your gains and progress through the levels at an even better speed. So always keep an eye on them and spend your energy to complete them.

Keep your characters maxed up

In order to keep your characters “maxed up,” you should actually do two things: keep them at the maximum level in order to maximize their strength, but also keep them equipped with all the items they need.

The equipment you get for them is extremely important: filling up all the slots will give you the chance to increase their tier rating, as well as their general stats. Heroes with a higher tier are much better than others and they also unlock new skills as they go up the tiers, usually at Tier 3 and Tier 4.

If missions start getting too difficult, then it’s time to focus on getting equipment for your heroes. Simply tap the “Find” button next to the equipment piece you want to find and complete that mission over and over again until you get it. Rinse and repeat until you fill those slots for all your heroes and you’ll do a lot better in the game.

Complete the challenges
New challenges open up on different days of the week and you should make it a habit to complete them all. The nice thing about challenges is that once you beat one, you can auto-complete them from that point on, meaning that you basically get free resources with a single tap.

Of course, you can still go through the battles yourself if you prefer the fun of that instead, but the rewards will be the same no matter which path you choose.

Unlocking new characters
Unlocking new characters is done by collecting enough character shards of that particular hero. This is easier said than done, unfortunately, but the game still gives you enough heroes not to get bored with what you have.

In order to collect character shards, you have many options on hand, like completing Campaign missions, daily objectives, achievements or special Events and limited time missions. You also have the chance to purchase or earn orbs which usually give you more in terms of hero shards earned, but they are also more difficult to get.

You can also rank your heroes up if you keep collecting shards of their particular type after unlocking them. You see the requirements for ranking them up in the lower right side of the character menu and the more stars it gets, the better its overall stats.

Tips to win your fights

You will spend most of your time fighting against various enemies and you should keep some things in mind when going to battle in order to maximize your chances of winning and, if we’re talking about the Campaign missions, get the three stars in each battle. Here they are, in no particular order:

– Know your heroes and their skills. It’s extremely important, because this allows you to better plan your moves and strategy during the battle.

– Know your enemy – this is a bit more difficult, since you can’t really find the details about the enemies you’re facing and the skills they got, but eventually you will start learning what each opponent is capable of. This allows you to further plan your moves and take out the enemies that matter first.

– Take out enemies one at a time, unless there’s a special mission that requires you to focus on something else. One less enemy means less damage taken by your heroes, and that is much better than having 5 enemies with minimal health (who will all attack you and deal damage)

– Stealthed enemies can’t be attacked directly, but they can still be targeted by attacks that damage adjacent opponents (like Punisher’s grenade launcher)

– Keep the two things noted above in mind when attacking your opponents. It’s usually a better idea to take out enemies that are solo, away from groups, with heroes that target single enemies and have those that damage or have the potential to damage more than one at a time deal with those that are grouped together.

Assembling a solid team
All the strategy in the world won’t really matter unless you meet two other demands: you have maxed out, strong heroes AND a solid team that’s prepared to counter the skills and numbers of enemies you’re facing.

Usually, having the best heroes you possess in your team is the way to go, but try to always go to battle with one tank type of character (who can taunt enemies and draw in damage) and a healer. Usually, having two characters with healing capabilities is even better, but it all depends on the battle.

If you are constantly losing a fight, try looking at the other characters you have left and see if bringing them might have a positive impact on the overall outcome. Sometimes, a skill used instead of another can make the difference between a win and a loss, so it’s worth trying if nothing else works.

These would be, for now, our generic Marvel Strike Force tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below. Also, make sure to check back soon as we’re going to publish more specific guides for the games in the near future, teaching you to quickly unlock new heroes, win your battles and much more.

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Marvel Strike Force Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Your Battles


  1. “the game still gives you enough heroes not to get bored with what you have.” What? I’m level 24 and I’ve got the same 5 heroes and assorted nonentities since just after starting the game. The list of characters consists of non-named goons.

  2. @Chris: You aren’t playing your game to the fullest. I started playing yesterday and I got a 3 star Daredevil just by connecting MST to my Facebook page. I’ve farmed Elektra, Luke Cage, Punisher, Bullseye, and a few others without spending any money. I have to admit, I did pay for Black Panther though.

  3. @Zyon: Totally agree… I am now level 55 and have 39 heroes. If you do the daily activities and log on everyday for a month to get the bonus, you will get loads of stuff. Also, the game is VERY strategic, not the kind of mindless slam and dunk that @Chris seems to think it is. I’m also happy that the in-app-purchases is far to expensive to disrupt the game by giving the “rich kids” too much of an advantage. Well done Marvel :)

  4. Is it better to concentrate on leveling my top characters or level all of them equally? In other words, should I focus on leveling Spider-Man or have my top 10 heroes and villains be at the same level?

    In combat, should I concentrate on the highest level opponent or the one with the least amount of hit points?


  5. Buying Premium Orbs using power cores? Is it worth it or am i better off just waiting for daily objectives to give them to me or replay old missions to get a few.


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