Out of the blue, Supercell decided that it’s time to launch a brand new update for their popular Clash Royale game and I am sure that nobody will complain, especially since this new content upgrade brings six new cards (read our full guide to them here), better rewards, a live spectate mode and even more goodies and balance changes to keep the game flawless.

The biggest selling point of the game is definitely the new set of cards: six brand new cards join the game: Fire Spirits, Furnace, Guards, Lava Hound, Miner & Sparky. I already wrote in our guide that I love the Sparky, the Miner’s good too since it can be deployed anywhere and I am sure Spawner Deck fans will enjoy the addition of the Furnace.


Apart from the new cards, there’s a brand new Live Spectate mode that allows you to watch Friendly Battles live if that’s what you feel like doing instead of playing (and that’s usually a good idea, because you learn new strategies and tips this way). You can also watch battles in any Arena in Royale TV.

You’ll also be getting better rewards from now on: every time you win a battle, you will get some extra gold, no matter if you have your chest slots filled or not. Also, the Crown Chests contains twice the rewards it used to, while Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chest drop rates have been increased. And in case you hit the previous gold limit, it has now been increased to 1 million. Ahem…

Other less important but still useful changes include the option to copy any player’s battle deck from their profile (not steal their cards, unfortunately/fortunately), rearrange cards in your battle deck, brand new badges and more. New cap levels for Tournaments and Max Levels have been tweaked, as well as the amount of gold each chest gives (which is lower, but overall you’ll get more gold if you play many battles).

Finally, new nerfs and card balances are in place and you can check them out below:

– the Mortar deployment time is increased to 5 seconds from 3, and it deals 10% less damage
– the Bomb Tower has a lowered lifespan (40 seconds – it was 60)
– the Elixir Collector has 20% less Hit Points
– the Cannon has 11% less Hit Points
– the Royal Giant has his range increased by 1
– the Mirror now works with 1 higher level when mirroring common and rare cards
– Valkyrie and Mini P.E.K.K.A now goes back a little if they’re hit with a Fireball

All in all, the new balance changes clearly try to bring down the overpowered Tower Decks in the game and I am personally happy to see the Mortar changes.



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