Clash Royale just received a surprise and extremely welcome update (we’re going to talk about it in an upcoming article) that brings six brand new cards into play: six brand new and extremely useful cards, I would say and I am here to share with you a complete overview of each of the six new cards with all the details on them, as well as tips and tricks on how to use them to get the most out of them.

The new Clash Royale cards are Fire Spirits, Furnace, Guards, Lava Hound, Miner & Sparky (the last three are Legendary cards!) and you can check them all out below, including my thoughts and ideas on how to play them the right way!


Fire Spirits – Common

01 clash royale fire spirits

This is a card that costs just 2 Elixir and it gives you three of these cuties that go on a kamikaze mission to destroy a target (air or land). An interesting card that I am not particularly fond of, but a solid counter for many enemies, like Skeleton Horde or Minion Horde or such. They don’t deal a ton of damage, but they deal Area Damage, so it’s best to use them against high numbers with low health. I personally didn’t test them too much because I really don’t consider them that good, but with future tweaks and upgrades, they might become valuable. My suggestion: stay away from them right now as they don’t give you much!

Furnace – Rare

02 clash royale furnace

Oh, no! Not another spawner! That’s what I first thought when I saw this card as I definitely don’t need an extra spawner to worry about. This one costs 5 Elixir and spawns 2 Fire Spirits at a time every 10 seconds, while having a life of 50 seconds. In other words, you’re paying for 10 Fire Spirits, which is a good deal. Even though I don’t really like the basic card, the building is a bit more useful since it really messes up the plans of players who love to fill the board with tons of low level, high number units. I don’t play spawner decks, but I believe that it can be a great addition to one.

Guards – Epic

03 clash royale guards

A very interesting card that definitely deserves some play time. The Guards are three Skeletons with shields, meaning that the enemy has to first take out their shield, and only afterwards they’re allowed to deal damage to them. This makes them extremely useful as arrows or any other type of area damage won’t take them out completely. I see them very useful against single, powerful units (like the Pekka, Prince and so on) but extremely weak against large numbers. I am sure that a good deck can be created for using them, especially since they cost just 3 elixir. An interesting card!

Miner – Legendary

04 clash royale miner

This one unlocks when you reach Arena 6 and it’s not easy to get, but it’s extremely interesting. Costing just 3 Elixir, the Miner can be dropped anywhere on the map (including the enemy area) and it has decent hitpoints (1,000 to be exact at level 1) and does solid damage (although it is reduced to half when dealing with towers). This is a card that can easily mess up the plans of any player and I see it becoming one of the most powerful cards in the game: you can easily use it to take out a tower that has little hitpoints left before the end of the battle, you can send it behind enemy lines when the opponent runs out of Elixir and still be able to defend against the attack… this is indeed a great card that will prove to be extremely useful and dangerous. Now if only it would be easy to get…

Lava Hound – Legendary

05 clash royale hound

This card is a massive tank type of card, an air card with 2,900 health to start with, and one that explodes into smaller Fire creatures once destroyed. It seems very useful, but it deals very small amounts of damage so I don’t really find it useful, especially since it costs 7 Elixir. It can mess up the plans of your opponent in Battle and I wouldn’t really like to see it deployed against my own, but it’s way to expensive to really matter. At least that’s my initial impression.

Sparky – Legendary

06 clash royale sparky

Despite the name that suggests a cute little card, the Sparky is actually a massive weapon of destruction. It costs 6 Elixir, but played right it can cause complete destruction: it has a charging time, but once charged and fired, the Sparky obliterates everything in sight with its laser (an absolutely insane 1,300 area damage to start with). Its con is that it’s really slow and it takes a while to charge, so you definitely have to defend it and play it behind your cards – but once you play it right, it can and will win you battles. It’s that simple!

So these would be the six new Clash Royale cards, a really interesting addition to the game and we already have a bunch of really good cards here among which the Sparky is my new favorite.

What do you think about the new cards in the game? Let us know by commenting below!



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