Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats: Tips and Tricks


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an interesting bit of wish fulfillment that may spark the interest of your inner fashionista. The title was created by Glu Mobile. Exploring the fantasy of Kim Kardashian herself coming into your top of the line clothing store and inviting you to her photo shoot is only the beginning of the game’s insane plot. For added fun, be sure to give yourself a silly name and wear something ridiculous for your photo shoot. Why not play a prank on Kim herself? Kim Kardashian has players dressing up in Hollywood gear getting ready for a night on the town as well as managing a successful business. As enjoyable as the process sounds, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Let us help you navigate through the difficult experience with the following really helpful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cheats and tips.

Check out these tips for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that will help you tackle that photo shoot, earn the highest possible amount of money, manage your business, and rise to Hollywood fame.

UPDATE: Want to check out some more advanced tips? Check them out here! Do you need more friends in the game? Add them here!

1. Pick up everything that you see

Unfortunately, gamers have to take a look at the material on the ground and acquire it for future  use later. Remembering to tap those objects is a pain as they can sit on the floor and add up quickly. Tapping nearly everything that you see can really help you get farther along in the title after a large amount of time. There are three types of currency in the game, and if you really want to dress up your character to the best extent, this tip is a must.

2. Get through the dull tutorial

The tutorial towards the beginning is maddening, as it stretches on seemingly forever. Fortunately, the longer that you get in the title, the more free reign the game gives you. Those that are able to sit through the tedious opening sequence are rewarded with a game that is furiously addictive and easy to accidentally lose your in game money to. There is a lot going on here, but sitting through that opening sequence is not easy. The game literally prompts you to click a teeny tiny button right next to the text informing you to do so.

3. iPad only

Playing the game on an iPhone is slightly difficult, as the title was definitely developed with the iPad in mind. Buttons are too small, too hard to tap, and everything is crammed on the phone interface as small as it possibly can be crammed down. If possible, leave your iPhone in the corner, and sit back and hang out with Kim on the iPad. Pick up and play sessions are the best way to experience the game, so the occasional iPad experience may not hurt but it will not be nearly as enjoyable.

4. Send the sidebars far away from you!

The real estate on the crammed iPhone screen is precious, and with the purple and green sidebars at the end, the game can get downright maddening. Click the arrow on both of them causing the bars to go away early on. This can prevent many incoming headaches in the future that can really detract from your gameplay experience. Be sure to avoid the other uses of the screen that make the sidebar go up. Other ways to clutter the interface that you’re currently using are prominent in the title–make the sidebar go away if it comes back.

5. Be mean or nice

Don’t be afraid to be mean. You get the same amount of money from the normal dialogue, regardless of your cold demeanor. Sometimes people in Hollywood can be moody, Kim understands that. She gets you. If you would like, Kim also accepts those who are positive towards others. Those that are pleasant are also rewarded with a nice amount of cash that will help players customize the outfits. This game can be played however it suits you best fortunately.

6. Talk to everyone

You never know who is a fashion designer, photographer, or the next person that will help you get further in your career. Use everyone to your advantage. Don’t be afraid of being shallow, or having other people and you it’s your life. In all seriousness there will be many opportunities for you to show off the clothes that you have been collecting through the course of the game. Making public appearances is a very important House aspect of the title that some people have issues with.

7. Play often and gradually

This game is best experienced when played very frequently in short bursts. The game is not designed for players to sink their teeth into for several months or hours. Instead, be sure to have fun with the game and enjoy some of your fantasies in the most controlled  manner as possible, your iPhone or iPad.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood works best when it is not taken seriously. Enjoy the game for its many quirks and fairly deep customization of the lead character and his or her outfits. While it is not going to revolutionize the modern games’ industry. The experience still has its merits.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats: Tips and Tricks


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