The trip to becoming an A-List celebrity is not one to follow alone and the more friends you have in the game, the better it is for you. However, not all your real friends might be playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, so we’ve decided to create this “add me” article to help you get past this problem and actually add more Kim Kardashian: Hollywood friends to play together with, date and… get to love or hate!

There are two ways of adding more Kim Kardashian: Hollywood friends in the game:

1. By connecting your game to Facebook. All your Facebook friends playing the game will become your in-game friends as well.
2. By adding friends form the Game Center.

So, you have two options on how to get more friends in this game: either share your Facebook profile URL in the comment section below, or your Game Center id. Please specify whether it’s a Facebook name/profile or Game Center id, so people can easily add you to their friends list.

I really hope that this will help you get as many Kim Kardashian: Hollywood friends as you need to easily progress through the game. And if you still need some extra help after getting people join you, you can check out our tips & tricks for the game, as well as some more advanced cheats and tips here.


  1. Anyone willing to gift me? I had to start over and I would appreciate if anyone could gift me whatever they can please. Add me on Game Center: !(j422y)!
    Thank you!

  2. Hey guys!
    I’m an A lister top 100 (#86 right now)
    I’ve tried adding a few GC from this list but can’t seem to get my GC to send the requests properly :(
    Happy to gift and bring people along to projects with me, and recommend you for other projects!
    GC is marniemayo

  3. Hey Dana! I added you and was wondering if you could help me out? Do you have any other social media where we could talk? (snapchat, kik, facebook, whatever…)

  4. Anyone and everyone add me please!! Especially looking for boys with usernames that look like real names, it bothers me when I’m dating in game and they have a weird username instead of a real name lmao. Also, anyone with the cash and K stars to blow.. Send me anything and everything haha I really would like to make my chick look more like me so really I’m trying to get the nose piercing and the flower tattoos as well as the kitty purse!!!!! add me on Game Center: AshleeyLyn. Yes, with the heart emojis lol.

  5. Add me on game centre…
    I’m a girl… Looking to date someone on Kim k! But if ur a girl to still add me… I send gifts and I invite u to events!!!

  6. If you have money/k-gems to blow please add me on the Kim K game. I’m an A-lister, play everyday just tired of wearing the same hair styles. Add me: skinny_mee

  7. Add me on gc: cutekittiesrock i’m an a lister that plays daily. Also add me if you are an a list guy thats hot bc i need someone to date. Send me a gift and ill send u one back

  8. Hey I had to restart KKH because my little sister thought it was funny to delete it :(, please gift me anything you want, and help me make it to the top again my gc: see+cee Please any help is welcome. Thank you.

  9. Added on this thread before but added the wrong GC, silly me.

    Would love some help, if you could send gifts my way, I’d love you forever!

    GC: ericamiller3


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