It seems that everybody wants to be like Kim right now, as the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is slowly becoming a fans favorite. We’ve already shared with you some basic tips for the game, but now it’s time to go more in depth and check out some advanced tips and strategies that will skyrocket your character to the A list instantly. Therefore, we have for you the top 10 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cheats and tips that will surely improve your game!

So… do you want to make it to the A list faster? Check out our guide below!

1. Get quick extra money from random objects
Every object in the game that can be tapped can give you extra cash, extra experience and all sorts of rewards. Therefore, make sure to check them out at all times and tap every object in the game: you never know where a reward is hidden!

2. The extra energy cheat
There is a cheat called the “time lapse” cheat that might get you extra energy. In order to do it, close your game (and remove it from the cache too by double tapping your device’s power button, then swipe it upwards to remove it), then go to the settings menu of your device. Set the time forward by 20 or 30 minutes so that the servers don’t catch on you and you have some extra energy. PLEASE NOTE: This cheat has not worked in our case, but you can still give it a try and see if it works!

3. Don’t start multiple energy missions at once!
By “energy missions” I mean dates or photo shoots or jobs for extra cash. One at a time is enough, because you need a lot of energy to complete them. So take just one, complete it, and only afterwards move to the other. It’s even better if you can wait before starting an energy mission until your energy meter is completely filled – this way, your chances of actually acing it improve a lot!

4. Add more friends
More Kim Kardashian: Hollywood friends means more fun for you and more chances to even date people in your contacts list! So add more friends by connecting the game to Facebook, or by Game Center ids. If you don’t have friends playing the game, you can search on Touch Tap Play for our “add me” article for the game and get some extra friends for the extra glam and fun!

5. Use your charm
Whenever you are talking to a character, if the dialog options feature a “Use charm” function, you should take it as that guarantees you get the best possible outcome from the situation. The charm feature costs 1 K Coin, so use them wisely – but use them to guarantee an easier progress.

6. Spend your money on new items
The game is all about purchasing as many items as you can afford in order to increase your Star rating or Heart / Love rating. So make sure that you invest in these items accordingly to boost up your quality. Items don’t really have to match in order to get the bonuses and you can always wear the best star items that you own in order to get the maximum bonus, but customization is what makes the role playing experience the best, so it’s better to look great! Just make sure that you always have some money left in your pockets for the date actions!

7. How to change the hair color, skin color and so on?
Many players are having a difficult time finding these options. In the game, you can change the following colors: hair, eyes, skin, make-up, lipstick and nail polish. In order to change them, go to the Clothes store by tapping the hanger button. Tap the head icon and to the left of it, you will see a new head icon and an eye icon. That’s where the customizable options are located, and these two are for skin and eye color. You can change your hair’s color in the new hairstyle menu, while all the others can be found in the last category. Currently, you can’t change the colors of your clothes, but you can purchase more clothes to get the color that you like.

8. Time your actions so that you get the exact number of stars/hearts
Since energy is really difficult to get in the game, you don’t want to use more than needed to complete a date/photo shoot or job. You can easily anticipate, based on the number of energy points required, how many stars or hearts you will receive (the more energy you spend, the more you get). But since you only get them if you complete the action, you must be really careful. In other words, if you’re running out of time on a date and you have just 5 energy left, starting a 6 energy action makes no sense because you won’t be able to complete it and therefore get the star bonus. Perform a 5 or less energy action to actually get something positive out of this!

9. Complete goals and achievements
Check out the checkbox in the lower right corner – that’s where you will find all your missions and achievements. Make sure that you shape your gameplay so that you complete them as soon as possible!

10. Work hard for the extra money
There will come a time when you will end up not having enough star rating or love rating to perform the actions that you want. If that’s the case, start the longest shift available at your work place and complete it for the extra money. Then go and spend them on new clothes!

And these would be our top 10 strategy tips for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood players. Do you have other advanced tricks to help fellow players? Share them with us in the comment section below!


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