K-Gems are the premium currency in the Kendall and Kylie Game launched by Glu Games and they are not only the most valuable type of currency, but also the most expensive. Getting free K-Gems in Kendall and Kylie Game is not easy and limited to just a few actions, but there are free K-Gems that you can get and I am here to share that with you, as well as all the other methods that you can use in order to get more of these extremely special pieces of currency!

Because the K-Gems are indeed extremely useful, since you can purchase stuff like:

– more energy, which is extremely expensive though and I don’t recommend wasting your precious gems on energy because the price is so high. Instead, add more friends and have them help you complete the energy missions faster – and most importantly free!
– special Charm answers during the quests which guarantee the success of that specific answer/option – which is very useful
– rush quest start times (only do this if you really are in a hurry and you have enough energy to complete them, otherwise it would be just a waste of K-Gems)
– purchase Giftboxes
– purchase the coolest pieces of clothing and accessories in the game.

Now let’s get to the most difficult part – how to get more K-Gems in the game Kendall and Kylie:

– Improve your social presence: get more followers, and when you reach a certain ranking, you will get some nice rewards, including free K-Gems
– Play the game. Early on, you will be rewarded with a lot of gems from meeting the K&K sisters, and you will keep getting free gems as you progress through the game.
– Complete achievements – tap the notebook icon in the lower right side of your screen and access the achievements area there. Check out the achievements and complete those for getting extra gems for free
– Tap on everything in the game – birds, pieces of equipment… many things can be tapped when exploring the world of the game and they will sometimes drop premium currency for you.

Also, by playing smart and actually not wasting the K-Gems, you actually get to have a lot more and be able to put them to great use. Here are some tips:

– when you make a purchase, go for the higher value packs. The $10 pack gives you 40 gems more than two $5 packs, while the $20 pack gives you 160 more (than 4 regular ones). Therefore, instead of spending small amounts constantly, better be patient and wait to have the money for a larger pack. In other words, instead of spending $5 every week, it’s best to spend $20 every 4 weeks!

– don’t waste the gems you have. My recommendation would be to only spend them on charming people and getting custom accessories, if you really want them. Everything else will and can be achieved without spending any money if you are patient. So be patient because there’s no rush!

Do you have any other methods of getting more K-Gems / premium currency in the Kendall and Kylie game? Let us know by commenting below!


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