In the world of the recently launched Kendall and Kylie game for the iPhone and iPad by Glu Games, having a massive social presence is extremely important and the key of progressing through the game. Getting more followers is what turns you into a real celebrity, with fame coming immediately afterwards. But you might have found out already that getting more followers in Kendall and Kylie is not the easiest thing to do. And even though we did touch the subject in our tips & tricks article (make sure to read it for some tips for beginners!), it’s time to focus solely on this topic now.

So in case you were wondering, here is our guide on how to get more followers fast in Kendall and Kylie game.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that there are more “levels” based on the number of followers you have. You start as a nobody when you launch the game first, but you’ll quickly go up the ranks while playing. Each level of fame is more difficult to reach (more followers required) but you will get there. For example, the first milestone you have to beat is the 100 club (which, strangely, requires 1,000 followers).

But how to get more followers?
It’s not easy. You have to complete missions and dates in order to increase your followers count. All the types of missions that require energy to complete (including dates) will reward you with more or less followers: more if you manage to ace them quickly (5 star them) and less if you don’t manage to complete them with a maximum number of stars.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you get the maximum number of followers each time and progress through the game faster and easier, you must make sure that you have maximum energy when starting a new energy mission. Also, having some friends that will help you complete it sooner will also help a lot, so make sure to add some Kendall and Kylie game friends as well if you don’t have them!

There are also random events that will generate you followers (like when a celebrity or important person starts to follow you or when Kendall or Kylie post something about you, but you don’t really have control over those).

Although I am not 100% this is true, I have the impression that the more accessories and clothes you have (or maybe just the more expensive stuff you wear) the more followers you get after completing a task successfully. Again, I am not 100% sure this is true, but in my case it always seemed that I got a boost of in-game followers after making some nice purchases.

So, as a conclusion, all you have to do to get more followers in the Kendall and Kylie game is to complete the tasks that require energy and make sure that you complete them with 5 stars. This will give the maximum possible of followers, and you’ll do a lot better than those who only 3-4 star the missions. That’s why having friends to help comes extremely in handy!

Did you manage to find other shortcuts to get more followers in Kendall and Kylie? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I have a friend int he game who at first, had less followers than me. I was in the 7k’s and she was in the 5 or 6k’s. I woke up this morning just to check my ranking to see if I could collect a prize and somehow she has managed to get to 21k over night, I just checked and I’m currently at 8k and she’s at 38k. Does anyone have any idea of how she did it?

    • Actually its possible, I have 95K followers and I’ve only played for 5 days. You just have to spend time like I do. Every time you get 12 energy start a date. Make sure it’s a different person every time so it only requires 12 stars to complete. And with that don’t let any energy point go to waste..

    • Go on dates! It’s seriously that easy. I can got from the 1K club to 10K in less than a day by doing that. Then from 100K to 400K in half the afternoon from just dates. What you do is, everyone you meet, make them a romantic contact. The first date is always the fastest (30 minutes) and you spend 7 Energy all in all. My go to is Greg’s at West Hollywood. The actions I use are Kiss (5Energy= fills in 4 3/4ths of the hearts meter, and gives you +1 Energy) then PDA (2 Energy= fills in the rest). Never go on 1 hour dates if you can. That’s why you have to keep filling up the romantic contacts. So instead of “Chat” go for “Flirt” If you’re in the 1k club, for every 30 minute date, you rake in about 100++ fans, 10K club about 1K++ fans, 100K club about 10K ++ fans. Hope this helps!

  2. Yeah Juss Go On Plenty Of Dates And Try To Save Like 6 Or 12 Energy And Yhu Should Be Fine Ive Been Playing For Not That Long And I Have 99k Followers Almost To 100K

  3. All the people talking about gaining followers by going on first dates, have you passed Aubrey? Cause I did that for awhile and I gained followers but Aubrey kept getting further away from me.


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