After recording a massive success with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and not so much with a Katy Perry Pop game, Glu Games decided to get back to the Kardashians and just launched a game featuring the younger sisters. In Kendall and Kylie, you start out as a broke bum that gets a job on a nail saloon, but for whom fate has bigger plans: and it all starts getting better as soon as you meet the two Kardashians/Jenners. It’s a really fun game where you pick your own story and get different outcomes based on your choices, it has fashion, it has drama and it challenges you to become a superstar, so let us help you get there faster with some Kendall and Kylie cheats and tips!

You’ll have to do a lot of tapping on stuff and even more waiting, but it will be extremely fun especially if you manage to bring your friends along and actually be active on social media. But let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Kendall and Kylie game tips and cheats.

1. Tap on everything
There are all sorts of objects in the game world and you should tap on all of them – sometimes they will drop money, experience and other goodies. So always tap them when you visit a new area in order to increase your funds and progress slightly faster in the game.

2. Get a pet!
Pets offer great company and are extremely cute, but they can give you a lot more than that: make sure you pet them every now and then or you play with them and they will reward you with energy, money and experience. Don’t ignore them as they can really boost your character!

3. Complete the “energy missions” one at a time
Energy missions are obviously those missions that require you to use your energy in order to complete them (dates are included here as well!) Try to only start and work on one at a time because they get more and more difficult as you progress through the game and more energy will be required to complete them. Start one and focus on completing it or getting as much as possible out of it during the given time frame and only afterwards start a new energy mission. Even better, make sure that you always start an energy mission when your energy bar is completely full!

4. Connect with your friends
Getting more real life friends join you in Kendall and Kylie is a great way of getting you to progress a lot faster through the game and especially complete all those difficult missions – and ace them! Not only that you can ask your real life friends for help during the missions, but they can also send you a ton of goodies, including real likes to your shared moments on Facebook or Twitter – those count as well, so the more you get, the more famous you get (and you get there faster)

5. Follow your heart & use your charm
On most occasions in the game, you will have multiple choices as answers and some are better than the others. The thing is, though, that you will still progress through the game one way or another, so you should always follow your heart and make they choices you feel are best suited (even though it clearly works best on most occasions to just go the nice way). However, if it is a very important decision you have to make, you might get the option to Use Charm. This consumes premium currency – one K diamond – but guarantees the success and progress of that particular action. So if you’re really in doubt or you don’t want to risk it, go the safe way with using charm!

6. Optimize energy spending
Whenever you’re working on an energy mission, you can perform different actions that cost different amounts of energy. Usually, you will get as many stars or hearts as the number of energy spent, even though sometimes you might get one more – especially on higher energy actions. Look at the stars or hearts below and always count how many do you need to collect in order to ace the mission. If for example you only need to collect one star to complete a mission and you perform a 6 energy action, you’re basically just wasting energy – so always optimize energy usage based on the needs of the mission.

Also, never start an action if you can’t complete it: if you start a 6 energy action and you only have 3 energy, your time might run out and you’ll get nothing in return. It’s safer to just do a 3 energy action instead and get the star rewards – 3 is better than nothing!

7. Keep an eye on goals and achievements
Tapping the notebook icon in the lower right corner opens up the Goals and Achievements menu – you can see there what progress you need to do in order to complete Achievements (and get amazing rewards) and also change the goals you are currently working on.

8. Get the free gift boxes
You can purchase boxes for random items and goodies at any time during the game, but you are also rewarded boxes for free – the more common ones are being rewarded one a daily basis, while the others are rewarded at a slower pace. But they are rewarded, so make sure you always log in and claim them as soon as you get them in order to optimize your waiting times!

9. Connect on Facebook!
Don’t forget to connect your game with your Facebook account. This not only rewards you with a bunch of extremely useful goodies, but it also allows you to save your progress, add friends and completely enjoy the game and progress faster. So connecting with Facebook, as well as adding more friends is a must in Kendall and Kylie!

This is it for now in terms of Kendall and Kylie game tips and tricks. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


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