Glu are giving us the chance to become superstars and follow Katy Perry around in the new Katy Perry Pop game that they just launched on the App Store. This is a highly addictive game and proves to be popular already and even though the gameplay mechanics are similar to those of other games in the same niche, we still had a great time exploring the new world, becoming world class celebrities and spending some quality time with Katy Perry.

You might want to better your game too – and if that’s the case, we’re here to share with you a bunch of Katy Perry Pop cheats and tips to become a superstar and get the most out of the game. There is indeed a lot more to discover than it first catches the eye, so keep on playing and read on our Katy Perry Pop tips and tricks!

1. Network as much as possible
Making new friends in the game is extremely important, so make sure that you interact with every person that you meet while exploring the virtual streets in the game. Early on, most people will consider themselves too big stars to even consider you as a friend, but you can wait a bit until you become more famous and connect with them then. You could also spend premium currency to Charm them, but I suggest not to do so and keep the Premium coins for something more important.

2. Focus on the quests
Tap on your Smartphone and then the To Do List – that’s where your quests are listed and you should focus on completing them first. Completing these quests in the main story helps a lot because they will reward you with new outfits, money and energy, level you up and improve your skill. Plus, they keep the story going, which is always fun.

3. Don’t start more than one energy quest at a time
By energy quest I mean every type of action in the game that requires you to complete using energy, because you only have a limited amount of time to complete the given quest and most likely not enough energy to do so. So if you’re starting a concert, recording a new song or recording a video or anything else that requires you to use energy, focus on that particular mission until you complete it and then try something else, ideally when you are already at full energy to improve your chances at getting the best possible results. You can still exit the room/concert hall or wherever you are and explore, maybe even find extra energy, so do that too!

4. Manage your energy properly
In Katy Perry Pop, you have to learn to manage your energy properly: make sure to always start energy missions when you have a full energy bar and improve your chances to complete the quests by adding better equipment, furniture or props and calling in friends as band members. You need to pick up as many notes as possible, so starting with everything maxed out makes it a breeze. Also try to see how much you complete by finishing each of the actions (based on energy consumption) and perform the actions that fill up the meter the most at first, and leave the other ones at the end. Usually, a 4 energy action is better than a 5 energy action, while a one is worse than a two. Play, explore and you will know what type of actions to perform in order to optimize energy consumption.

5. Use Katy’s glasses
A nice feature of this game is the introduction of the special glasses that you can access by tapping them in the lower left corner. Make sure that you do so in every new area or when completing missions, because some of the missions can only be completed in Katy Perry Glasses mode, such as the Appease the Wind quest.

6. How to record a video?
First, you need to record a song in order to have a chance to record a video. However, that song needs to be of really high quality and make it on the charts in order for you to be allowed to record a video for it. Work on producing better songs by increasing your experience (done usually through completing quests and working on songs), getting inspired (filling the lightbulb icon to the right side of the screen), adding skilled band members to help you with the song and adding the best instruments possible in the studio. All these increase the chances of your song getting 5 star ratings, making it to the charts and therefore allowing you to record a video for them.

7. Clothes matter!
Since we’re talking about showbiz, clothes matter a lot. Tap the smartphone icon, then the Closet icon and you will get access to all the clothes in the game. Costumes help with recording songs and general clothes with other actions in the game. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how much they matter and what effects they have on the songs and other types of events and interaction, so it’s probably better to simply follow your heart and simply wear what you like most!

8. How to date in Katy Perry Pop?
At the moment of writing this, you can’t date anybody in the game, but the developers promised that this feature is coming soon, as well as the option to start parties with our friends!

9. How to get more friends in Katy Perry Pop?
It’s easy to network with characters in the game, but if you can add other players, it’s even better because they will be, most likely, a lot more skilled than the characters in the game. In order to add more friends, simply connect your Facebook account and add other people. If you don’t have friends who play the game, share your Facebook account url in the comment section below so others can add you as their friend – and make sure you add some more in order to boost your career!

These would be for now our Katy Perry Pop tips and tricks. Do you have other suggestions for fellow players so that they can improve their game? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. How do I kiss a stranger for the dare quest? Everyone I go up to only has the normal networking options and the party where I got the dare is long over but it won’t let me have any other tasks until I finish


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