Friends are extremely important in the recently launched game hit by Glu, Kendall and Kylie – a game that challenges you to become a superstar and a social media icon, just like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. We have already shared some tips and tricks to help you progress faster in the game, as well as a complete guide on getting more followers, but now it’s time to help you increase your social presence in the virtual world and you can only do that by adding more Kendall and Kylie Game friends to help you progress even faster and complete all those missions to get 5 star ratings!

Indeed, the most important reason why you want more friends is that they help you complete missions. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, but they are extremely useful!


When you start a mission, you can invite your in-game friends to give you a helping hand, and their help is usually vital in completing the missions in time and getting the maximum amount of stars. And you want to get maximum stars, because that means that you get the best rewards and highest possible increase in followers, therefore you progress a lot faster through the game.

Now the problem is that maybe not many of your real life friends are playing the recently launched Kendall and Kylie game by Glu. And that’s when we come to help you with this article. We’ll help you get more friends, so here is what you need to do:

– (Recommended method): leave your Game Center ID in your comment section below so people can add you in the game. Ideally, you should also post the country you’re playing from and when you play (morning, evening, night) so other people can add you based on your play time, so you’re online at about the same hours to make it easier to actually be able to help during the missions.

– Also, look at the Game Center IDs that have been already shared and make sure to add more friends!

– (Alternate method): You can also leave your Facebook profile link, so that people can add you on Facebook as a friend and then add you in the game after connecting it with Facebook. It’s a bit more complicated this way because you have to share your Facebook profile with strangers, so use this with caution or create a special group for the game where you don’t share any personal information. The advantage here is that you can get likes from Facebook to the images/photos you take in game.

And now you have all the methods you need to add more friends in Kendall and Kylie game and progress a lot faster and complete those missions like a superstar. Don’t forget to tell everybody you know about this, so that they can get more friends as well!



  1. GC: neversaynever;)
    Add if you want! Would love having more friends to play with!
    Forewarning: I’ll make pictures in the game when I’m bored that are just me trolling and having a laugh with friends and probably dumb but if you’re into it definitely add me!

  2. I’m on this game like 24/7 lol. I have around 700k followers at the moment.
    My Game Center ID is: Booo234
    I will add everyone who adds me :)

  3. Just under 10k followers, I like all posts and will use you in events if I notice you’ve used me!! Add me: tascorryanne :))

  4. Game centre: kgraceey

    I have 51.4million followers feel free to add me, please leave kk friend request when adding.

  5. Add me! I’ll like all ur post, i play a lot

    My username on Game Center is:
    lory(and a guitar emoji right after)

    See u soon!!!

  6. My gamecenter name is Luna1098765
    Its the google-hosted game app.
    Add me or join my krew in the game, search for: You wake up flawless

  7. add me: ninamarie301
    i play 24/7 & am active
    join my krew: K & K Baddies all are welcome and we all send kred

  8. Please join my Krew: AYY SQUAD

    I just made one and I want tons to join! First 5 to join I’ll crown you (is that what they call it…or is it just admin?)

  9. Hello, you wonderful people reading this thread!

    I can either waffle or go straight to the point and no one likes a waffler, right?

    Okay so I’ve heard of this new krew called Daily Dosers, so original isn’t it? Well, this krew called Daily Dosers just so happens to be run by myself! Now, Kieran, you may ask, why are you creating a new krew when there are soooooooo many out there to join? Well, frankly, in my experience after joining a krew, players seem to dwindle down and become inactive after a month or so and that leads to the ever so stressful task of finding an active krew that isn’t full! So, you may see where this is heading (and if you have read the quite so obvious title), I would like to ask you all to join my krew! It will be an actives only krew but you can join regardless, there’s no huffle and fuffle of sending me a request to join. Kred sending is at least 8 times a day, if not more and if that doesn’t tempt you, I also buy K Gems now and then, and K Gem purchases = gift boxes. Everyone loves a good gift box, don’t they? Gift boxes mean clothes and clothes make your avatar happy. So hopefully, that has tempted you all *hint hint* and I hope to be seeing some of you making my little contact notifications flash up!

  10. So hey, my name on the game is Blue Quinn.
    I have the update so i cant add no more on game center, but if u guys can add me i would so happy, im always active, if u send me that-thing-i-dont-remember-the-name-right-now To open gifts, i always send back

    Actually i have a krew, the name is Gold Girls

    Its says that i can add on IMESSAGE but idk how that works so

  11. My krew is called KyKingz. I am a very active member and regularly kick inactive users out of the group so that we end up with only the most active people! Join the krew ya’ll ✌❤️

  12. My GameCenter ID: Amyytje
    I am online everyday atleast 4 times a day on the Kendall and Kylie app, I have 140k followers at the moment, please feel free to add me I add everyone <3

  13. Kush & Krew
    Active Stoners
    Status: Public

    I’m MJ Rosie the Kush & Krew creator and leader! Google Play: MJRossie

    If you love Kendall & Kylie, Kush and Kred this is the Krew for YOU!!!

  14. If youre active i can get you onto my krew l, STEALTHIC with unlimited money stars and energy. You have to be active if you want this. No joke. Add me on kik: HazzyDayzXD to sign up for STEALTHIC. Add me on K&K, Chloe Stealth. Id: a1b053a7-6921-4006-e90e-e039219ad4b4 XOXO

  15. Join a great krew and win krew goals!!!!! Kardash Beauty is the krew name. You can also find us on twitter @Kardash_Beauty_ or facebook under our name!!!! Look forward to adding you!

  16. Hi, I’ve started a new Krew, search for 24KMAGIC. I’m an active player who always sends kreds and takes part in missions

  17. Lookin for active members to join my krew! I’m online at random times all day! 24/7.

    Anyone is free to join! I send kreds every chance I get.


    Search for krew name Fashionistas!

  18. Hey all european girls! I made a krew for europeans only! No more waiting for kreds from krewmembers of different time zones. Active and supportive <3
    I’m currently at 30 millions

    EuropeanKrew – let’s be active together!

    Game id: fffineline


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