Is There a Flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

Winged Pikmin Pikmin Bloom

Is There a Flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom? If you have the same question, trust us, you are not alone. With around seven different Pikmin types in Pikmin Bloom, it can be daunting to keep tabs on every single one of them. The entire game revolves around growing your Pikmin, which are plant-animal hybrid creatures and are unlocked as your in-game level grows over time. Each Pikmin has some unique abilities which can prove beneficial in certain scenarios. 

The more Pikmin you collect, the more treasure and Pikmin Bloom expeditions you can go on. The only way to obtain new species of Pikmin is by leveling up in the game. This article will answer the question of whether there is a Flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom or not.

Is There a Flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom? 

Yes, there is a flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. Winged Pikmin are a species of Pikmin and are capable of flight and currently are the final unlockable Pikmin variation in the game. You can obtain the Winged Pikmin seedling by reaching level 19 in Pikmin Bloom. You will need to complete every task individually for each level to progress on to the next. 

How to unlock Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

As already stated, you will need to level up to unlock new and different Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. Here’s how you can get the Winged Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom:

  • Level 1: All players start at level 1.
  • Level 2: Complete the tutorial.
  • Level 3: Walk 500 steps.
  • Level 4: Walk 1500 steps and grow two Pikmin
  • Level 5: Walk 3000 steps and grow a yellow seedling.
  • Level 6: Walk 5000 steps and grow two Pikmin.
  • Level 7: Walk 5000 steps and complete one expedition. Completing level 7 will provide you access to Blue Pikmin.
  • Level 8: Walk 10500 steps and grow a blue seedling.
  • Level 9: Pick 50 flower petals from Pikmin and walk 14,000 steps.
  • Level 10: Plant 300 flowers and walk 18,000 steps.
  • Level 11: Walk 230,000 steps and grow two Pikmin.
  • Level 12: Walk 29,000 steps and grow two Pikmin.
  • Level 13: Walk 36,000 steps and grow three Pikmin.
  • Level 14: Walk 44,000 steps and grow one Purple Pikmin.
  • Level 15: Walk 53,000 steps and grow three Pikmin.
  • Level 16: Walk 63,000 steps and earn 1-star completion vs mushrooms.
  • Level 17: Walk 74,000 steps and grow one White Pikmin.
  • Level 18: Walk 86,000 steps and pick 100 flower petals.
  • Level 19: Walk 99,000 steps and plant 100 flowers.

As soon as you reach level 19 in Pikmin Bloom, you will be compensated with a Winged Pikmin seedling. However, you will need to walk 5000 steps for it to grow fully. 

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Is There a Flying Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?


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