How to Complete Decor Sets in Pikmin Bloom

Nectar faster Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is more than a step counting app, it also encourages players to explore different areas around them by offering a whole range of Pikmin to collect. There are 7 main types of Pikmin (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Winged, Rock) and 22 different types of Decor, making 154 types of Decor Pikmin to collect altogether. Decor Pikmin are pretty easy to get but finding all the different types is tricky. Find out below how you can achieve a full Decor Pikmin set.

pikmin decor types
Some Decor Pikmin Types

Collecting All Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Decor Pikmin can be obtained by either finding a Huge Seedling or by levelling up a regular Pikmin to a full 4 Friendship Hearts. When they hit 4 Hearts they ask to go on an Expedition to find a Gift. They then bring the Gift back, jump into the gift box, and come out in the Decor assigned to the area their Seedling was originally found in.

It is easy to collect mainly one type of Pikmin if you are only walking in one area type every day- for example I walk in a park every day so I am mostly collecting Park Pikmin who have a Clover Decor. A lot of players are finding that they are mostly collecting Roadside Pikmin, a catch-all type that have lettered stickers as Decor. This is because the Seedlings were found in a non-specific type of area, according to the OpenStreetMap (OSM), and instead they are assigned the first letter of where they were found. This could be the letter ‘G’ for “George Street”, or the letter ‘S’ for Smith’s Window Emporium, for example.

Decor_Red_Roadside Pikmin Bloom
Roadside Pikmin

To make sure you are collecting and levelling up different types of Pikmin you can check their Decor type in the Pikmin information tab. Just tap on your Pikmin collection, select a Pikmin and scroll down to find the information on where it was found. In the red circle on the left it shows an icon- this will tell you what Decor type it is.

decor type
This will become a Park Decor Pikmin

When you find the one you want to level up, tap the Star to favourite the Pikmin. This will ensure you can find it easily and add it to your Squad. You can then walk with your favourite Pikmin, feed them Nectar, and send them on Expeditions and Challenges to level them up quickly. If you are searching for specific types you will need to travel to different areas. It is good to use to the Detector to find Seedlings in these areas to seek out what you are looking for.

To see what Decor Pikmin you have already found just tap the ‘Badges’ icon and scroll down to see the Decor Collection.

Good luck!

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How to Complete Decor Sets in Pikmin Bloom


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