What are Lettered Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?


Pikmin Bloom has a variety of different Pikmin to grow and collect, each with different colors and decorations. There are 7 basic types: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Rock, and Winged, and those types can go on to have specific decorations, entirely dependant on where the Pikmin was found. One of these Pikmin wears a lettered sticker on their head, face, or chest. These stickers also come in different colors. Find out below what the letters and colors mean, and where to find these lettered Pikmin.

What are the Lettered Pikmin?

The lettered Pikmin are actually the Roadside Decor Pikmin. These Roadside Decor types are grown from seedlings found anywhere that isn’t a specific area—a “catch-all.” According to the Pikmin community, they are one of the most common type of Pikmin that can be found.

Roadside Pikmin with Stickers (via Reddit)

When the Huge Seedling from a non-specific area is grown, or a Pikmin from a regular seedling picked up in a non-specific area gains 4 Friendship Hearts, it becomes a Roadside Decor Pikmin. The Huge Seedling Pikmin grows into a Decor Pikmin straight away, while the regular Seedling Pikmin has to go off on an expedition to find you the Decor gift. The type of decor depends on where the Seedlings are discovered (find out all about the different types in our article here).

The Roadside Pikmin wear a sticker as their decor. The letter on the sticker is determined by the area where they are found; for example, if they say “Roadside, near Main Street,” the letter will be ‘M.’ If they don’t say the street they were found on, the letter will be taken from the main area they were found, for example: “Roadside, Springfield” would have an ‘S’ sticker. It has also been discovered that if, for example, they say “Roadside, Town of Springfield,” they will have a ‘T’ sticker.

Orange/Yellow Sticker Pikmin (via Reddit)

The color of the sticker seems to be determined by the type of seedling the Decor Pikmin is grown from—Green from a 4-star Friendship Level Pikmin, and Blue from a Huge Seedling Pikmin. This is not yet confirmed though, and doesn’t explain the yellow/orange stickers which also seem to be from Huge Seedling Pikmin but are more rarely found. If you know why the stickers are different colors, please let us know in the comments below!

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What are Lettered Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?


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