Is Cult of the Lamb on Game Pass? – Answered

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If you like Animal Crossing and always imagined what an Animal Crossing game with creepy cult themes would look like, you might want to consider checking out Cult of the Lamb. This game puts the player into the perspective of a lamb creature who is saved by a mysterious being called The One Who Waits. To pay them back, you must create a cult in their name. It’s a unique title that is popular for its replay value and gameplay. It is available on many platforms, but is Cult of the Lamb on Game Pass?

How To Play Cult of the Lamb

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Cult of the Lamb has management sim mechanics combined with roguelike mechanics. You have to make sure you keep faith among the cult members high so that they will stay in line and do their tasks. You must also prevent the rise of new cults and increase your influence to become the most powerful cult.

Where You Can Play Cult of the Lamb

The lamb and animals from Cult of the Lamb.

Before we break the bad news, here is some good news regarding the game, that being that this indie title is pretty much available on every single current modern console, even Nintendo Switch, which sometimes gets the short end of the stick when it comes to porting popular PC games. You can play Cult of the Lamb on the Steam store, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

Is Cult of the Lamb on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Cult of the Lamb is currently not on Game Pass. There is no known date on when it could come there and frankly it may not ever, especially based on the fact that it is already on so many consoles. These things often happen because of contractual obligations or issues with rights and licenses and could be for any reason, similar to how things get taken on and off streaming services all the time.

While you may never seen it come to Game Pass, Cult of the Lamb is available on many consoles, so check it out today!

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Is Cult of the Lamb on Game Pass? – Answered


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