What Is New Game Plus in Cult of the Lamb?


Cult of the Lamb is one of the most interesting roguelike games and it seems that there are lots of players who currently play it. The project has a few levels and if you complete all of them you may want to continue your playthrough. New game plus is a feature that will help you to replay the game and make it more challenging. In this guide, we will tell you what is the new game plus feature in Cult of the Lamb.

What Is New Game Plus in Cult of the Lamb?

There are lots of different roguelike games and Cult of the Lamb is one of the most exciting among them. It allows you to create your own cult and turn your enemies into your followers. The game features a huge number of enemies and a few bosses that you will have to fight.

In order to defeat your enemies in Cult of the Lamb, you will need to dodge all the incoming attacks and hit your opponents. When you beat the final boss that way, you will finish the game. However, some players may want to continue their playthrough and there are some discussions and rumors about upcoming DLCs and post-game content.

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New game plus is a feature that allows you to replay Cult of the Lamb. It is not limited only to this game and you can find such a game mode in other projects. Usually, the new game plus makes your playthrough harder and it will be a great challenge for those who finished the original game.

It seems that the new game plus will be an excellent feature and there are lots of Cult of the Lamb fans who would like to use it. If you are one of them then we wish you good luck in this challenge!

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What Is New Game Plus in Cult of the Lamb?


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