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How to unlock the Scylla character in COD Mobile

How to unlock the Scylla character in COD Mobile
COD Mobile's Scylla character

Call of Duty: Mobile, the action-packed online multiplayer title, offers a wide variety of playable characters. These characters can be unlocked by various methods, including buying the battle pass, lucky draw, in-game store, and more. Among all of them, Scylla is in great demand since Activision has added her Sleigher uniform in COD Mobile.

To obtain COD Mobile’s Scylla Sleigher, one must participate and spin the Fireside Lucky Draw. The draw features a set of rewards, and if you’re also interested in unlocking the Scylla, here’s an essential guide for the same.

How to unlock the Scylla-Sleigher in COD Mobile

Follow these steps to get the Scylla character in COD Mobile:

  1. In COD Mobile, click on the Fireside Draw banner located on the left side of the screen.
  2. Purchase CP (Credit Points) to play the draw.
  3. Tap the CP button highlighted in yellow color to spin the wheel.
  4. Collect the reward after each spin.
  5. Keep playing until you unlock the Scylla character.
Fireside Draw COD Mobile

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As mentioned earlier, the draw features several rewards on various levels, and one in-game item is guaranteed after each spin. Once a reward is earned, it is removed from the overall prize pool. Each time the draw is played, the COD Point cost increases. In addition to this, the probability of receiving the remaining rewards increases after each draw.

It’s worth noting that the probability of receiving the Scylla-Sleigher on the first spin is 1.25%.

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How to unlock the Scylla character in COD Mobile


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