How to unlock Gas Grenade in Call of Duty: Mobile | Tips and Cheats

Gas Grenade, the new tactical equipment in Call of Duty: Mobile

With Call of Duty: Mobile Season one going live on the global servers, the game has received a ton of new content such as 3v3 Gun Fight mode, Desperado BR Class, Reclaim map and more. Apart from this, the game developers have also introduced a brand new tactical grenade called Gas Grenade in the newest update.

After the collision, the new Gas Grenade detonates and releases continuous tear gas, causing deceleration, blurred vision, and coughing. The tactical grenade comes with a radius of 70, and its effect lasts for 30 secs on its base level.

Even though Gas Grenade is available for free in Call of Duty: Mobile, it doesn’t mean that you can unlock it right away. Here’s a guide to unlocking Gas Grenade in COD Mobile.

How to unlock the Gas Grenade in COD Mobile?

Update: Players can unlock the Gas Grenade from COD Mobile by spending 2000 Credits.

The Gas Grenade in COD Mobile can be unlocked by completing all the missions or tasks of the Deadly Mist seasonal challenge. The time-limited event features a total of five tasks that must be completed in sequential order. Here’s the list of missions:

  1. Throw any Tactical Equipment 8 times in MP matches.
  2. Throw any Cryo Bomb 5 Times in MP matches.
  3. Kill 30 enemies in MP matches with Tactician perk equipped.
  4. Break enemy’s scorestreak with EMP 3 times. (Gas Grenade unlocks at this stage)
  5. Use Gas Grenade 10 times in MP matches.

The majority of the above tasks are self-explanatory, and the players have to complete them in Multiplayer mode only. Once you complete them, the brand new Gas Grenade is all yours.

However, it’s crucial to note that the event is only valid for a few weeks. Thus make sure you complete it on time to avoid losing your rewards.

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How to unlock Gas Grenade in Call of Duty: Mobile | Tips and Cheats


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