How to use Mirror in Clash Royale

How to use Mirror in Clash Royale

The Mirror is one of the most unique and oldest cards in Clash Royale. It is a Spell type Epic rarity card that can be unlocked from Spooky Town (Arena 12). What makes this card unique is its ability to repeat the last card used by the player for 1 extra Elixir. As per its official in-game description, the Mirror will never pop upas 1 of the first 4 cards dealt to you at the start of a battle. In this guide, we will explain how to use Mirror in Clash Royale.

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How to use Mirror in Clash Royale

Currently, Mirror cannot be used on Champion cards and it will simply repeat the card played before the Champion. However, the Mirror works well when paired with Goblin Barrel as it can be mirrored again to take your opponent by surprise. Usually, your opponent won’t have the proper Elixir or cards to counter it. You can even use it to mirror Sparky, who will not die to a Rocket thanks to its higher level and more hitpoints.

Mirror works nicely with other Spell cards as well and can be used to boost the levels of cards to have the maximum impact. For example, you can use Mirror with a clone card to make a large push and overwhelm an opponent (with a high-damaging troop or low-health troops) if they can’t defend against it.

It can be used as a surprise card, as your opponent might deploy multiple cards to defend against a single unit. If you mirror that card, there are chances your opponent won’t have those counters to defend against the second unit, possibly compelling them to take tower damage or overspend on defense.

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How to use Mirror in Clash Royale



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