How to Upgrade Officers in Warpath


Warpath is one of the leading war strategy games available for Android and iOS devices. The game features a set of different characters known as Officers.

Warpath is based on the tap to play approach, where players are required to deploy Officers into battle by tapping on the screen. In order to increase the winning odds, it’s essential to have a strong army before hopping into battle. Therefore, players must ensure that they upgrade Warpath characters to the maximum level.

For most Warpath amateurs and newcomers, it’s a tedious task to understand every mechanism in the first go. Therefore, here’s an essential guide that explains the whole process to upgrade officers in Warpath.

Upgrading Officers in Warpath

There are only two ways to level up the Warpath officers right now:

Completing Officer Tasks

The first method to develop commanders is by completing the officer’s tasks. Try to do this whenever you can, as soon as possible when the tasks are completed. Getting a 100% success rate will reward you with a lot of rewards, experience books, and the commander sculptures.

Let the Officers lead the unit

The second way to increase the level of officers is by allowing them to lead the units on the battlefield. For each battle they participate in as the leader, the experience gained will go towards their next level.

Players can also upgrade Officer’s skill powers by collecting the shards of the officer that they want to upgrade.

If you still have any questions regarding leveling up the officers in Warpath, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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How to Upgrade Officers in Warpath


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