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How To Unlock Kinetic Station BR Class In COD Mobile – All Abilities

How To Unlock Kinetic Station BR Class In COD Mobile – All Abilities
Image via Activision

Shield your teammates from bullet damage as the new Kinetic Station Battle Royale class in Call of Duty: Mobile! With this new ability, Battle Royale players can now strategically hunker down and absorb some incoming gunfire. Our guide shows you how to unlock the Kinetic Station BR class in COD Mobile, alongside a quick rundown of all its abilities.

Unlocking the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class in COD Mobile

Season 6 of COD Mobile is here, and this time around, everything is themed around knights and the medieval times. Officially dubbed Templar’s Oath, this season is all about the Mythic Templar, back for revenge.

This season introduces a lot of fun new stuff, including a brand-new support class for the Battle Royale mode, the Kinetic Station. This nifty little pod is a device that can be planted on the ground, granting nearby allies gain temporary armor that reduces bullet damage. If you or an ally moves too far away from the Kinetic Station, the temporary armor is lost.

Image via Activision

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Unfortunately, the Kinetic Station’s temporary armor does not protect against melee, headshot, incendiary, or explosive damage. Your team still needs to be careful about snipers and explosive weapons, so do not think you are completely safe. The Kinetic Station itself can also be destroyed by gunfire, so make sure you protect it so that it can protect you!

If you want to claim the Kinetic Station for yourself, you need to complete the new seasonal mission, Damage Denied. However, this seasonal mission is still technically time-gated, which means it is currently not accessible to the public.

Alternatively, you can unlock the Kinetic Station right away by purchasing the Mythic Templar – Couteau’s Oath pack. By owning the base Mythic skin, you automatically receive the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class for immediate use. If you want to play with the Kinetic Station early, this is the only way to do so.

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How To Unlock Kinetic Station BR Class In COD Mobile – All Abilities