Wild Rift's new Katarina champion

Wild Rift, the portable version of League of Legends, features a wide range of champions to use while engaging on the battlefield. While some of the champions are already available in the game, players have to unlock the rest through events and challenges.

Most recently, the developer Riot pushed the Patch 2.1A for Wild Rift in which the company introduced a new Wild Rift champion known as Katarina. For the new champion, they also added a new challenge called Katarina’s Challenge, through which players can unlock the new hero.

Hence, in this guide, we’ll take a look at the process to unlock Katarina in Wild Rift.

How to unlock Katarina in LOL: Wild Rift

Katarina champion

Players can unlock the new Katarina champion by completing all the missions of Wild Rift’s new Katarina’s Challenge. Before moving forward, it’s important to note that all the tasks must be completed in sequential order.

Here’s the list of Katarina’s Challenge missions along with their rewards:

1Double TakeGet 40 takedowns
Get 5 double kills
150 Blue Motes
2A Cut Above The RestPlay 5 games
Play 2 games using assassin champions
2 XP Boosts
3For The EmpirePlay 5 games
Win 2 games with at least one Noxian champion on your team
150 Blue Motes
4The Blade Is MightierDeal 30,000 magic damage150 Blue Motes
5Blink and DiveKill 1,000 Minions with your team
Inflict grievous wounds on enemy champions 20 times
50 Poro Coins
6Never HesitateGet 50 takedowns
Play 2 games using mage champions
150 Blue Motes
7It Takes TwoPlay 5 games
Win 1 game where Garen is on the enemy team
Katarina (champion)

Note: The event is ending on March 10th, 2021 (23:59 UTC). Hence make sure to complete the objective to unlock Katarina for free.

After completing the seventh and final mission, the exclusive reward – Katarina, will be credited to the players’ account.

In addition to this, those looking to score extra style points with their takedowns might also consider picking up the Katarina Release Set for 2077 Wild Cores, which includes:

  • Katarina (50% off)
  • Death Sworn Katarina
  • Bilgewater Katarina

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