New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap features different tools that can aid the player to take the most amazing Pokémon photos ever, such as the Fluffruits and the Illumina Orbs. While the Fluffruits become available automatically by progressing through the story, you will have to put in some work to unlock Illumina Orbs for all levels found in the game.

Here’s how to unlock the Illumina Orbs in New Pokémon Snap.

How To Unlock Illumina Orbs

The Illumina Orbs are just one of the many devices Professor Mirror has created to aid you in your photography quest. He will not, however, hand them to you for free, as you will need to first take a picture of a glowing Crystabloom found on the different islands to gain access to the Orb that can illuminate that specific island.

To unlock the first Illumina Orbs, you will have to take pictures of Crystabloom in the Florio and Belusylva regions.


The Crystabloom in Florio is located in the Florio Nature Park area, at the end of the flower field. Make sure to search at night: it is very difficult to miss!


The Crystabloom in Belusylva is located in the Founja Jungle, to the right of the waterfall. You will usually find a Quagsire near the Crystabloom, it is hard to miss.


The Crystabloom in Maricopia can be found in the Lental Seafloor – Undersea course. To unlock it, you will need to get Blushing Beach (Day) and Maricopia Reef (Day) to Research Level 2.

Once you have unlocked the course, head over there and look to the right. You will find a sleeping Lumineon among the seaweed. Use a Fluffruit to wake up the Pokémon so that it moves out of the way to let you take a picture of the Crystabloom.


The Crystabloom in Voluca is located in the Sweltering Sands course at night. Take the right path from the Oasis, and then proceed to the caves located to the right of the path. The Crystabloom is near a ledge.


The Crystabloom in Durice is found in the Shiver Snowfields (Night) course. Inside the second area, look for an opening on the floor after you have climbed the first steep slope. The Crystabloom is found right below.


The Crystabloom in Aurus is found in the first area of the Ruins of Remembrance. You will find it right on the edge of a cliff close to the entrance.

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