New Pokémon Snap

In New Pokémon Snap, you will be taking all sorts of photos at the Pokémon roaming the Lental Region, but soon enough, you will realize that taking photos randomly is not going to cut it. Professor Mirror only wants to see the best photos from you, and he will make sure you understand this as soon as he slaps a sad Bronze Star on your first photo.

Here’s how to take the best photos in New Pokémon Snap.

How To Take The Best Photos In New Pokémon Snap

Photos in New Pokémon Snap are graded depending on different criteria – Pose, Size, Direction, Placement, and Other Pokémon. While it seems like you have no control over these criteria, there are actually ways to control them and get a high score on any photo.


The Pose criteria evaluate if the Pokémon in your photo is exhibiting some sort of unusual behavior. As such, you will have to time your shot carefully to make sure to picture the Pokémon as it takes a pose.

Waiting for them to do so can be a little frustrating, but you can use an Illumina Orb to attract the Pokémon attention and get a better chance of them striking a pose, which will result in any higher score.


How big the Pokémon appears in a photo determines how many points you get for size: the bigger the Pokémon, the higher the score. To make sure to always get this right, make sure to hold down the ZL or L buttons to zoom in before taking a picture.


The Direction criteria evaluate how much the Pokémon is facing the camera. Doing this can a little difficult if the Pokémon is moving actively, but you can use Fluffruits to attract their attention. Sleeping Pokémon hit by a Fluffruit will become angry, however, so take this into consideration before using one.


This criterion is pretty self-explainatory: the more a Pokémon is in the center of the frame, the higher the score will be. There are no items or techniques that can help you achieve this, as only your photography skills will let you score high in this criteria.

Other Pokémon

While you should mostly focus on getting the best possible picture of any given Pokémon, getting other monsters in the photo will let you score additional points. If you want to score big in this category, always make sure to search for Pokémon gathering in your area.

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