New Pokémon Snap

Like in the original Nintendo 64 game, you will be taking quite a bit of photos in New Pokémon Snap as you explore the Lental region. Not all photos, however, are created equel in the game, as the professor will evaluate your photos depending on a number of different factors

Here’s everything you need to know about photo grading in New Pokémon Snap

How Are Photos Graded In New Pokémon Snap?

Roaming all over the Lental region in New Pokémon Snap are a lot of different Pokémon, and it is your job to take the best possible pictures. Every time you submit a photo for evaluation, the professor will award you points based on different categories – Pose, Size, Direction, Placement, and Other Pokémon. The better the photo does in each category, the higher the score will be.

Once all of the criteria have been scored, you will receive a Star. The Diamond Star is the best star you can get, and only the best photos receive it. You will get a Bronze Star for any photo that scores less than 3000 points, a Silver Star for any photo that scores between 3001 and 3499 points, a Gold Star for any photo that scores between 3500 and 3999 points, and a Diamond Star for any photo that scores over 4000 points.

Getting a Diamond Star for any photo in New Pokémon Snap is only the beginning. Each Pokémon entry in the Photodex comes with four different photos with an increasing number of stars, from one to four. While getting a high score is needed to receive Diamond Stars, it will not increase the number of stars for your photos, as the higher number of stars only indicate how rare a specific behavior is. Increasing your Research Level will allow you to encounter more Pokémon in the field, and thus increase your chances of finding Pokémon that exhibit rare behavior.

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