How to Unlock Elaine in Raft


Raft is an exciting sea survival simulator. Players must float on a small raft and fish for various resources using a hook. While traveling, players can visit different islands with mysteries and lots of loot. Moreover, by exploring the islands, you can find new playable characters. And in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock Elaine in Raft.

Raft – How to Unlock Elaine

As you travel through the game world, you can find various islands. Each island has unique mobs and puzzles. And on some of them, you can find new characters. Moreover, only on the islands can you find the coordinates of the following islands. And so, getting to Caravan Town and exploring it, you can find out where Tangaroa is.

Tangaroa is one of the story locations where you can find a new playable character named Elaine. Having swum up to the city, you need to follow the yellow arrows to find the entrance. And don’t forget to take some oxygen bottles with you to explore all the places on this island. Of the enemies, you will meet the already familiar Lurkers, as well as new Automatons. By destroying these robots you will be able to get Tangaroa Key Cards which will be useful for you to open different doors.

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And so, after you explore the entire island and use the code to activate the Emergency Bridge Launch, the Bridge will take off into the air and land nearby in the water. You must go there to meet Elaine and find coordinates for the next island.

Tangaroa is one of the largest islands in the Raft. By researching it, you can get a lot of useful loot and blueprints, and unlock Elaine. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to craft and use the Advanced Anchor.

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How to Unlock Elaine in Raft


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