Raft: Where to Get Advanced Large Crop Plot Blueprint


In Raft, food and water is essential to survival. It’s hard to lock down a reliable source of food early on, since being on a raft makes things infinitely harder. Eventually you’ll be able to craft Crop Plots so that you can plant and grow your own food, with the Advanced Large Crop Plot being the best one. Today, we’ll show you where to get the Advanced Large Crop Plot blueprint in Raft!

Where to Get the Advanced Large Crop Plot Blueprint

The Advanced Large Crop Plot blueprint can be obtained after you’ve acquired the Recycler, as you’ll need Trash Cubes to trade at the Trading Post. Trading Posts can be found on medium or large non-story islands.

Trading Posts start at tier 1, with a small inventory for sale. To upgrade Trading Posts, you need to sell rare fish to the Trading Posts. You can only catch rare fish if you use bait on your fishing rods. Once you’ve sold enough rare fish, Trading Posts will upgrade to the next tier.

The Advance Large Crop Plot blueprint is sold at tier 2, so you’ll need to catch some rare fish. Once you’re at tier 2, you can purchase the blueprint for:

  • Trash Cube x 1
  • Trade Coin x 6

You can create Trash Cubes using the Recycler by feeding it organic materials. Trade Coins are obtained whenever you sell rare fish to Trading Posts, so you’ll naturally get them as you’re working up the tiers.

The materials you need to craft the Advanced Large Crop Plot.

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You can research the Advanced Large Crop Plot on your Research Table after you’ve obtained the blueprint. At this point in the game, you should have already researched all the materials needed to craft it, so you can usually craft it right away.

The Advanced Large Crop Plot functions similarly to the regular Large Crop Plot, holding one large seed at a time. The only difference is that it grows large trees at a slightly faster rate than the regular Large Crop Plot.

That concludes our guide on where to get the Advanced Large Crop Plot blueprint in Raft. If you have any other questions or tips for Raft, let us know in the comments below!

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Raft: Where to Get Advanced Large Crop Plot Blueprint


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