The Advanced Anchor, aka Advanced Stationary Anchor, is a nuanced version of the Stationary Anchor in Raft that you place in your Raft to stop it from drifting in the sea. Since it got added with the recent The Final Chapter update released on June 20th, 2022, not every player knows how to craft and use the Advanced Stationary Anchor in Raft?

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide that lets you know how to get the blueprint of the Advanced Stationary Anchor while sharing details on how to craft and use the Advanced Stationary Anchor in Raft. 

How to Get Advanced Stationary Anchor Blueprint in Raft

You can get the Advanced Anchor, aka Advanced Stationary Anchor blueprint from the Observatory on the Temperance Island, added with Raft: The Final Chapter update. 

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You can progress the game’s story to reach Temperance Island. It is the second new area that you can visit after Varuna Point. 

How to Craft Advanced Stationary Anchor in Raft

You can craft the Advanced Stationary Anchor using the following items:

  • Plank x10
  • Rope x6
  • Metal Ingot x4
  • Bolt x4
  • Titanium Ingot x8

Once you have the required items, go to a Crafting Table on your Raft and craft the Advanced Stationary Anchor. 

How to Use Advanced Stationary Anchor in Raft

Once you have the Advanced Stationary Anchor crafted, you can place it in your Raft, granted you have three vacated areas with the middle Foundation taken out and a little clearance on the top. 

You can manually use the Advanced Stationary Anchor via the switch found on the anchor. Or by stopping the Raft engine. Using the Advanced Stationary Anchor will stop your Raft from drifting in the sea. 

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That’s it. Now you know you can get the blueprints, craft, and use the Advanced Stationary Anchor in Raft. 

Raft is a survival game available on the PC platform. 

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Raft: How to Craft and Use the Advanced Anchor


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