Overwatch 2 has added nuances that make the second iteration welcoming to new players and somewhat “force” them to get hold of the game mechanics, characters, gunplay, and other things before they can try on Competitive and different game modes or Heroes. This new approach is beneficial to both Blizzard and new players. But still, we have some enthusiastic players who want to learn how to unlock competitive and other game modes in Overwatch 2. 

How To Unlock Competitive And Other Game Modes In Overwatch 2

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You can unlock Competitive and other game modes like Arcade, Custom Games, and Experimental, along with the Role Queue mode, by playing and winning Quick Play matches. Once you complete your training in Overwatch 2, you will get access to the Open Queue Quick Play mode. 

Play and win a few matches in Quick Play to unlock the Role Queue in Overwatch 2. And then keep grinding Quick Play matches to unlock other game modes. 

To be exact, you need 50 Quick Play match wins to unlock Competitive game mode in Overwatch 2. And you can have Competitive mode unlocked from the get-go if you are an OG Overwatch player who reached Level 25 or above in the first game. 

While playing through Quick Play matches, you will unlock Heroes like Genji, D.Va., and others. We recommend that players play the Quick Play matches first and then try to jump into Competitive. 

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Overwatch 2 is available on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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How To Unlock Competitive And Other Game Modes In Overwatch 2


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