Home Game Guides Does Overwatch 2 on PS5 Have 120 or 60 FPS? – Answered

Does Overwatch 2 on PS5 Have 120 or 60 FPS? – Answered

Does Overwatch 2 on PS5 Have 120 or 60 FPS? – Answered

Overwatch 2 has finally made its official global release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. While players are busy waiting hours in the queue to enter the game, we have people playing the game on PS5 with the question in mind—does Overwatch 2 on PS5 have 120 or 60 FPS? Keep reading as we answer this question while sharing additional details. 

Does Overwatch 2 on PS5 Have 120 or 60 FPS?


In simple words, Overwatch 2 has all 120, 60, and 30 FPS modes under the names Framerate, Balanced, and Resolution on the PS5. Depending on which graphics settings you are running the game on, you will get different FPS. 

The Framerate mode in Overwatch 2 PS5 version lets you enjoy the game at 120 FPS at the expense of lower visual fidelity. If you have your PS5 connected to a Monitor or PC with a 120hz or more refresh rate, you can experience Overwatch 2 at its best “buttery-smooth” performance. 

Whereas, if you can work with a little less FPS but can’t compromise the game’s visual quality, you can select the Balanced mode to play Overwatch 2 on PS5 at 60 FPS. And if the quality is of utmost importance, you can go for the Resolution mode to play the game at 30 FPS but with the maxed-out settings and 4k resolution. 

How To Increase FPS in Overwatch 2 On PS5

As mentioned earlier, you must play the game in Framerate mode to get more FPS in Overwatch 2 on the PS5. You can switch to the said mode by following the below steps:

  • Go to Option 
  • Navigate to the Video tab 
  • Select Preferred Mode 
  • Press the X button on the drop-down menu and select Framerate mode

That is it. Now you know the different FPS modes that Overwatch 2 supports on the PS5 and details on how you can get the maximum FPS in the Overwatch 2 PS5 version. 

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Overwatch 2 is available on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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Does Overwatch 2 on PS5 Have 120 or 60 FPS? – Answered


    • Hi Necrodaemus,

      No information mentioned is false. We recommend you to download the PS5 version of the game. What most players do, is either use the disc version of Overwatch 1 and update it to Overwatch 2 or use the PS4 version of Overwatch 2, and that is why they are not able to get the 120 FPS. Also make sure, your monitor or TV supports HDMI 2.1 120 Hz.


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