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How to Fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working

Overwatch 2’s launch was plagued with server and game-related issues. And in the midst of all that, we had players struggling with the Authenticator Not Working issue, thanks to the mandatory SMS Protect system that came along with Defense Matrix, “an infrastructure of systems designed to help protect the integrity of gameplay and promote positive behavior in Overwatch 2.” This guide will explain the issue in detail while discussing how to fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working. 

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working

Overwatch 2 “Authenticator Not Working” is a broader issue than it sounds. With the introduction of the new Defense Matrix system to counter Smurfing, Cheating and other wrong practices, players must enable SMS Protect, a form of Two-Factor Authentication that you can set up using your mobile number. 

Now talking about the Authenticator Not Working issue of Overwatch 2—some players cannot set up their mobile number in their battle.net account, while some are not receiving SMS or calls to get the verification code and complete the two-factor authentication. And we have a few unique ones where players get the message that their mobile number is already linked. 

That said! Here is how you can fix the Authenticator Not Working issue in Overwatch 2:


  • Make sure your mobile number is not pre-paid or VOIP.
  • Make sure your mobile number is not linked to a different account. 

If you are not receiving the authentication SMS, here is how you can fix it:

  • Activate phone notifications in your Account Settings.
  • Ensure you don’t have any applications which can block texts or calls installed.
  • Ensure that the latest software updates are present on the phone
  • Use the authenticator application.
  • Make sure your phone has a reception.
  • Restart your phone.
  • For Android: Clear cache in your phone app settings.
  • If possible, re-test using the same SIM card with a different phone and vice versa.

If you are getting something like your phone number is not eligible for a callback option, here is what Blizzard has to say about it “Some countries, regions, and carriers are not supported by our callback system. In some rare cases, we block numbers associated with an exploitive activity. You may still contact Customer Support via our other contact options.”

There you have it—the official answers on how to fix the Authentication Not Working issue in Overwatch 2. If you have tried the above steps and are still facing the problem, raise a ticket with Blizzard Support. 

That concludes our guide on how to fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working.

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Overwatch 2 is available on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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How to Fix Overwatch 2 Authenticator Not Working


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