Are you wondering what to do with all your Roll Cake Wood in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Fret no more! Once you unlock the Carpentry Shop, you’ll find a good use for all that wood.

Carpentry Shop is a Goods Building where you make wooden stuff. Most of the items you make here would be used for fulfilling wishes, upgrading stuff, and some other purposes. Here’s how you can unlock Carpentry Shop and use it.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get and Use Carpentry Shop

The Carpentry Shop becomes available in the build list after the Cookie Castle is upgraded to level 2. You can head over to the ‘Build’ button and install the Carpentry Shop.

Carpentry Shop installed (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

To build the Carpentry, you need 2 Tempered Pickaxe, 6 Sugar Cubes, and 6,600 coins. Your Carpentry will be ready in 7 minutes. The Goods Building comes with 3 production slots.

At the Carpentry Shop, you can produce four kinds of wooden goods. Obviously, the raw material required here is Roll Cake Wood (for the first two products). You can manufacture the following: Pinecone Birdy Toy, Acorn Lamp, Cuckoo Clock, and Swan Feather Dreamcatcher.

Goods in Carpentry Shop (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

You will be producing a lot of Pinecone Birdy Toy, as you will need this to fulfill wishes and upgrade stuff. It would be smarter to store at least 30 of them since you’ll need them for Biscuit Planter.

At level 1, you can produce 1 Pinecone Birdy Toy with 6 Roll Cake Woods. As you level up, you can produce Acorn Lamp, Cuckoo Clock, and Swan Feather Dreamcatcher. The max level is level 4.

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How to Unlock Carpentry Shop in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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