Cookie Run: Kingdom is all about running cookies and building a kingdom of cookies, biscuits, and candies. You can make wood from cake and wool from cotton candy, so cubes of sugar aren’t a big surprise.

Sugar Cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom are required to build and craft many other materials. They are also frequently demanded on the Tree of Wishes. This might give you an idea of how important Sugar Cubes are in the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Unlock Sugar Quarry and Get Sugar Cubes

Getting Sugar Cubes is not difficult—all you have to do is unlock and install the Sugar Quarry. When you build your Cookie Castle, the Sugar Quarry becomes available in the Construction Shop.

Cookie Run Kingdom Sugar Quarry
Sugar Quarry in Construction Shop (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

You can buy the Sugar Quarry for 4,900 coins. You will also need six Roll Cake Wood and two Robust Axe to start the construction. Within three minutes, you will have your Sugar Quarry ready.

As these cubes are required almost everywhere, you need to keep producing and stocking them up. Just like other buildings, the Quarry has four production slots. More slots can be unlocked with crystals.

Sugar Cube in Cookie Run Kingdom
Sugar Quarry producing Sugar Cubes (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

As the Quarry levels up, the amount of production will also go up. At level 1, the Quarry produces three Sugar Cubes per 1 minute 30 seconds for 80 coins. The highest level for Sugar Quarry is 3.

When you upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 5, you can install a second Sugar Quarry. Until then, you can upgrade first for faster production.

Initially, just after you unlock the Cookie Castle, you can get some Sugar Cubes by cleaning the pebbles and weeds from the map. The amount is just enough to fulfill a few wishes.

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