Cookie Run: Kingdom is an incredibly cute and interesting free-to-play 3D RPG that tells you the story of the kingdom of cookies, both good and evil. There are many activities in it, such as exciting battles and kingdom management. One of them is the Tower of Sweet Chaos, in which players can get great rewards. You’ll need Searing Keys to enter this tower, and our guide will tell you how to get and use them.

How to get Searing Keys in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Searing Keys are the currency required to access Trays in the Tower of Sweet Chaos. Like Stamina Jellies, they cannot be earned manually. Instead, they automatically replenish over time. Keys can sometimes be obtained as a reward for limited-time events.

Players can have a maximum of 72 keys, replenishing the missing keys one at a time in 60 minutes. When the level of the Sugar Gnome Laboratory rises to lvl 5, you can increase the maximum number of keys to 10 or reduce the accumulation rate by 10%.

How to use Searing Keys

Searing Keys are used in a constant game mode—the Tower of Sweet Chaos, in which players complete multiple levels of challenges for a reward. Many levels are classified as “trays,” challenges which can be Arena Battles, Regular Battles, or Boss Battles.

Each tray has specific conditions for a player’s squad that must be met before it can be entered.

Clearing the tray for the first time rewards EXP Star Jellies, Coins, and Chaos Cake Pieces, which are used to unlock certain decor items. The trays can be cleared again after being beaten, but reward fewer Coins and EXP Star Jelly.

To enter each tray, players need a certain number of Searing Keys. However, if the player doesn’t succeed in challenging the tray, Searing Keys are not consumed.

Levels may contain a few different trays, and the player progresses through clearing each tray. The remaining tray can be cleared later for rewards. Some of these rewards include Chaotic Treasure Chests with a more expensive reward instead of the usual challenge.

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