How to Get and Use Stamina Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Cookie Run: Kingdom has become one of the most popular RPG-building games due to its cute charm and simple design. While the game is massive and contains plenty of content, you may be ready to try something new.

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If you are wondering how to get and use Stamina Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss that in detail.

How to Get Stamina Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redemption page

If you’re an experienced player, you’re probably familiar with the popular “Protect the Kingdom” event. It is a promotional event in which players can experience a Cookie Run: Kingdom recreation. It began on January 21, 2021. To obtain Stamina Jellies and cookie upgrade materials, players must complete missions in the game.

Also, try redeeming the below-given code if you want to get Stamina Jellies and some other free stuff in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Redeem the code as early as possible because codes will expire after a certain period)—


Players have to type the exact code (copy and paste for ease). This code will give you free 3,000 Crystals and 100 Stamina Jellies. If you cannot claim the rewards and get errors while redeeming the code, then you may be entering it wrongly, or the code has expired. We’ll drop a new code soon!

How to Use Stamina Jellies?

Stamina Jellies are used to battle monsters, and materials are used to level up the cookies’ abilities, skills, and toppings to level 5. New players may get confused between Stamina Jelly and Star Jelly, which are two different things. You can use the code we’ve provided above for Stamina Jelly, and the simplest way to obtain Star Jelly is to complete the levels in the Cookie Run Kingdom; you can replay any stage as many times as you want and still receive Star Jelly.

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For players in need of additional Crystals, Jellies, EXP, or other decorations, inputting codes is an excellent way to quickly obtain fun rewards, just in time for the new October items. Players should test every code they discover before the month is over!

That’s the basics in a nutshell. Tell us what you think of the game, and if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? It’s free to play and easy to get into. Go ahead and give it a try, and if you run into trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this guide for tips!

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How to Get and Use Stamina Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom



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