Chained Echoes
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How to Unlock All Ultimate Weapons in Chained Echoes

From rust to riches.

Just like other JRPGs, Chained Echoes gets harder the more players progress in the story. In order to survive enemy encounters later in chthe game, players need to get the strongest weapons, aptly called Ultimate Weapons. There are 12 in total.

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How to get every Ultimate Weapon in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes
Image via Matthias Linda

Chained Echoes interestingly gives players access to what they need to acquire Ultimate Weapons fairly early in the game, but doesn’t allow using them until the last part of the game. To get Ultimate Weapons, you will need to unlock them first.

You can unlock Ultimate Weapons by unlocking the Ultimate Blacksmith. To do that, go to the ruined city of Nhysa, then go to the room with two ghosts chatting. You will find this before going to the last merchant and fast-travel crystal.

Inside that room is a desk with a book. Read that book and it will tell you that there’s a floating island located on the western portion of the map. This island will only spawn after you read the book, so make sure to read it as you won’t find that island if you don’t read it.

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Now that you have unlocked the Ultimate Blacksmith, you’re one step closer to getting the most powerful weapons in the game. To get them, you’ll need the following:

  • Rusty Weapons
  • Soul of Farnese (one for each)

The Rusty Weapons you acquire early in the game is the actual Ultimate Weapons, but covered in rust which rendered them practically useless. You’ll need a Soul of Farnese to remove the rust and restore one such weapon to its glorious and powerful state. You won’t be able to do it yourself, though—you’ll need the Ultimate Blacksmith for that purpose.

How to get Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes
Image via Matthias Linda

As mentioned, there are a dozen Rusty Weapons for you to collect and restore when you are able. Here’s where you can get each of them:

Rusty WeaponHow to acquire it
Rusty KnucklesAcquired as a reward for getting a 96+ chain on the Rewards Board.
Rusty SwordAcquired after completing the “Into the Maelstrom” sidequest.
Rusty KatanaCan be bought for cheap from Norgant after completing the “Two-Winged Angel” sidequest.
Rusty GreatswordGreatsword: Can be purchased from the merchant in Eastern Ograne Grottos.
Rusty RapierCan be found inside the mansion in the middle of the lake in Rohlan Fields.
Rusty SpearAcquired as a reward from the Heroes of Leonar Challenges, the one where you get the Rune Knight Class Emblem.
Rusty AmuletAcquired as a reward from the Heroes of Leonar Challenges, the one where you get the Pyromancer Class Emblem.
Rusty GunCan be found in the Fiorwoods in Act 4, only after talking to the NPC Jack that was cutting trees earlier in the same area. The weapon is in an area the NPC cleared.
Rusty GunspearCan be acquired by going to the northeastern area of Shambala, landing on the top of the three isles on the western side, then jumping down to a grassy isle. The weapon can be found inside a chest there.
Rusty AnchorAcquired by visiting the “A Little Vacation” sidequest and heading south to the beach where Fridolyn and his pigs are sunbathing.
Rusty CardsCan be acquired by slaying all Unique Monsters on the Rewards Board, then talking on the Guild Leader in Tormund.
Rusty BowAcquired only after finishing the game and completing the “No Place for Happy Endings” sidequest.

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Where to get Souls of Farnese in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes
Image via Matthias Linda

Next, you’ll need a Soul of Farnese for each Rusty Weapon in your inventory. Here’s where you can get them:

Arkant Archipelago

  • After gaining access to flight, head to the northwestern area of Arkant Archipelago and look for a golden chest near the cannon. There’s a Soul of Farnese there.
  • After gaining access to the Phioran Village in Arkant Archipelago, proceed to the southeastern corner to find a wall with some blue coral. Go through this wall until you find a chest, then go through the wall behind this chest to find a golden chest with a Soul of Farnese inside.


  • Once you can fly, go to the southern area of Perpetua and look for an X on the ground to the right side. There’s a Soul of Farnese hidden there.
  • You can also get one after completing the marsh maze in the southwestern part of Perpetua.

Hermit’s Isle

  • You can get two Souls of Farnese near the end of the game after the clan reaches Rank 3. Get one by talking to Triony at the little pier, where he’s fishing with Pavel, and get another by talking to Bernd.

Eastern Ograne Grottos

  • You can get two Souls of Farnese via the Eastern Ograne Grottos. One can be acquired after completing a puzzle located inside the sewers section.
  • The other can be acquired after passing through the Grottos to get to Rohlan Fields. Head north from the eastern crystal, then jump down into the cave. Then, go right until you arrive at a fork. Head south from there, while sticking as close as possible to the wall to the right, until you reach a wall you can climb. The Soul of Farnese is there.


  • You can buy one for cheap from Norgant after you complete the “Two-Winged Angel” sidequest. (You can also buy the Rusty Katana at the same time.)
  • You can get one by completing the “A Little Vacation” sidequest. (You can also acquire the Rusty Anchor in this sidequest)
  • You can get one by completing a 112 chain on your Rewards Board. (You can also acquire the Rusty Knuckles in the process)
  • You can get one from the Ryrmeier Castle in Kortara. This is part of the “No Place for Happy Endings” sidequest, the same one where you can get the Rusty Bow as a reward.

And that’s what you need to unlock the Ultimate Weapons and actually create them. Make sure to get all of them so that it will be easier for you to defeat enemies with every playthrough.


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How to Unlock All Ultimate Weapons in Chained Echoes

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