New Pokémon Snap

Thanks to the New Pokémon Snap Research Titles system, players can receive some nice rewards for completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones in the story. Unlocking all these titles is not required in any way to complete the game, but if you want to see everything it has to offer, you will have to unlock them all, as certain collectibles can only be unlocked after getting a specific award.

Here’s how to unlock all the Photodex Research Titles in New Pokémon Snap.

How To Unlock All Photodex Research Titles In New Pokémon Snap

The Photodex is essentially New Pokémon Snap’s version of the iconic Pokédex, letting players register each Pokémon they take a picture of. The Photodex is an essential tool to complete New Pokémon Snap, as it also keeps tracks of your highest scoring photos as well as of different star-ranked photos: the higher the number of stars, the rarer the behavior to picture.

To unlock all of the Photodex Research Titles in New Pokémon Snap, you will have to take quite a few photos. Additionally, you will also have to complete the Photodex to unlock one of these titles, so you’d better buckle up: you are in for a very long ride.

Beginner Photographer – Register 50 Pokémon to your Photodex.
Amateur Photographer – Register 100 Pokémon to your Photodex.
Professional Photographer – Register 150 Pokémon to your Photodex.
Top-Notch Photographer – Register 200 Pokémon to your Photodex.
Genius Photographer – Register all Pokemon to your Photodex.
Lental Student – Complete the Photodex data for 5 Pokémon
Lental Research Assistant – Complete the Photodex data for 50 Pokémon
Lental Scientist – Complete the Photodex data for 100 Pokémon
Lental Professor – Complete the Photodex data for 150 Pokémon
Lental Sage – Complete the Photodex
Beginner Explorer – Complete the research map for 1 course.
Proper Explorer – Complete the research map for 5 courses.
Famous Explorer – Complete the research map for 10 courses.
Great Explorer – Complete the research map for all courses.
Trainee Archivist – Get a Photodex score of 500,000 points or more.
Decent Archivist – Get a Photodex score of 1,000,000 points or more.
Professional Archivist – Get a Photodex score of 1,500,000 points or more.
Famous Archivist – Get a Photodex score of 2,000,000 points or more.
Great Archivist – Get a Photodex score of 3,000,000 points or more.
Normal Collector – Register 20 Normal-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Fire Collector – Register 10 Fire-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Water Collector – Register 30 Water-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Electric Collector – Register 10 Electric-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Grass Collector – Register 20 Grass-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Ice Collector – Register 15 Ice-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Fighting Collector – Register 5 Fighting-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Poison Collector – Register 10 Poison-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Ground Collector – Register 15 Ground-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Flying Collector – Register 30 Flying-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Psychic Collector – Register 10 Psychic-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Bug Collector – Register 15 Bug-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Rock Collector – Register 10 Rock-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Ghost Collector – Register 10 Ghost-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Dragon Collector – Register 5 Dragon-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Dark Collector – Register 10 Dark-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Steel Collector – Register 3 Steel-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Fairy Collector – Register 10 Fairy-type Pokémon to your Photodex.
Vivillon Collector – Snap photos of all the Vivillon wing patterns.
Eevee Fanatic – Register photos of Eevee and its Evolutions to your Photodex.
Botanist – Register all the crystablooms to your Photodex.
Historian – Register all the ancient ruins to your Photodex.

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