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How to Tame All Animals in Valheim – Taming Guide

Gotta catch 'em all, Viking style.

Valheim players can tame a number of animals and beasts to make their in-game life as a Viking easier. The process might be a bit challenging, but once the player succeeds, taming is quite rewarding. Here’s what you should do to tame all animals in this brutal survival game.

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Complete Valheim animal taming guide

Players can tame domesticated animals such as chickens or hens, as well as wild beasts such as boars, wolves, and lox. They are tamed using different approaches and bring unique benefits to the player.

How to tame chickens

Hen in Valheim
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Chickens or Hens are the easiest to tame in Valheim—they are automatically tamed the moment their eggs hatch. Warm eggs take 30 minutes to hatch, and chickens take about 50 minutes to grow into Hens. They can be bred, allowing players to have a steady supply of feathers and chicken meat.

How to tame Boars

Boar in Valheim
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Boars are aggressive creatures that can be found roaming alone or with other boars in the Meadows biome. They get startled when you sneak close to them and will become aggressive when that happens. They fear fires, however, and will flee when fires are around them.

To tame them, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Stock up on a lot of food used to lure them. Boars like berries, carrots, and mushrooms.
  • Have an enclosure where you can lure boars in using the food you prepared. You can either fix up a broken enclosure located in places where they roam, or build an enclosure from scratch using Roundpole fence. The enclosure doesn’t have to be big, but it does need a small opening for ingress.
  • Put a lot of food inside the enclosure and leave a clear opening. Wait until a boar comes in, then quickly exit, closing the opening so the boar won’t escape.

Once the boar is successfully trapped inside, do the following:

  • Wait for the boar to calm down and eat the food you placed inside the enclosure. Wait until you see a yellow heart above the animal.
  • Avoid approaching the boar during the taming process. Monitor the taming progress safely (for yourself and for the boar) by hovering your mouse over the animal. You’ll see the current status there. If it says “acclimatizing” then the boar is adapting to its new environment.
  • Once the boar has been tamed, you can now approach and even pet it.

Once you tame two or more boars, they can mate and breed more boars. This process will allow you to harvest Boar Trophies, Leather Scraps, and Boar Meat steadily.

How to tame Wolves

Wolf in Valheim
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Wolves are large canines found in the Mountains biome. These aggressive creatures are dangerous but can be very helpful once you successfully tame them. The process of taming them is a bit difficult because of the dangers you might face in doing so, but your efforts will be more than worth it if you succeed. To tame wolves, you need to do the following:

  • First, prepare mead or armor with frost resistance to help against the cold. This will help you focus on the wolf. Bring lots of raw meat with you as well—you’ll use this to lure the wolf.
  • Next, build an enclosure using Stakewall instead of the Roundpole fence you used for the boar. Stakewall is more durable and can withstand attacks from wolves. Make sure you build this without being spotted by wolves. Leave an opening for ingress and egress.
  • Now that the enclosure is ready, try to lure a wolf in using raw meat. You can do this by getting a wolf’s attention and then leading it to the enclosure, or by leaving a trail of meat leading to the enclosure. The latter is the obviously safer option.

Once the wolf enters the enclosure, you’ll need to do these:

  • Close the opening, and stay away from the enclosure. Your presence might scare and agitate the wolf, causing it to attack the enclosure’s walls.
  • Wait for yellow hearts to appear above the animal. This will indicate that the taming process has begun.
  • You might need to throw in some raw meat from time to time to feed the wolf. Crouch as you approach the enclosure so that it won’t notice you, then throw the meat in. You can also throw raw meat from a platform higher than the enclosure you built.
  • Repair the enclosure’s walls from time to time to make sure that it doesn’t escape while the process hasn’t been completed yet.

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Keep doing the above until you tame the wolf successfully. Once you do, you’ll have a new pet that you can take with you as you go hunting, or assign to protect a certain area. You will need to feed it and protect it so that it stays happy and able to protect you. Taming two or more wolves will allow you to breed more, letting you harvest Wolf fangs, meat, pelt, and trophies steadily.

How to tame a Lox

Lox in Valheim
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Loxes are large wild beasts that look like the offspring of huge lizards and oxen. Despite their terrifying appearance, these beasts can be tamed and then used as mounts when going places. They are usually seen in herds in the Plains biome and do not wander off far from where they can be found. They’re very strong, which means you need to be careful when you attempt to tame them.

To tame Lox, here’s what you need to do:

  • Lox like cloudberries, so gather as much as you can before trying to approach them. You can also gather barley to help.
  • You’ll need to sneak up on Lox in order to approach them successfully. Be careful not to startle them, as it could lead to your doom. Lox can kill you in a single hit.
  • Once you’ve successfully approached a Lox, throw some cloudberries and move away. Wait for small yellow hearts to appear above the Lox, and for it to start eating the food.
  • A safer way to do this would be to build an enclosure made of stone, leaving an opening for you and the Lox to enter and exit. Stone is more durable than the materials you used for the enclosures to capture the boar and wolf, and should be enough to withstand any potential attack from the Lox.
  • Place some cloudberries and barley inside the enclosure and wait for Lox to come in. When it does, go out and close the opening. Throw some more food inside and move away, then wait for the yellow hearts to appear.

Once the taming process begins, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Be patient. The process of Lox taming can take several in-game days. Monitor the progress by hovering your mouse over the Lox. Keep feeding it with cloudberries and you’ll be fine.
  • Lox can get agitated when you approach it before the taming progress is completed. You can feed it safely by constructing a raised platform near the enclosure. You should build this before attempting to lure the Lox in. You can throw food from the platform.
  • Once the taming process reaches 100%, you’ll be able to approach the Lox and pet it without any danger of being killed.

Tamed, Loxes are very powerful mounts possessing a lot of stamina. You can’t ride on a tamed Lox without a Lox Saddle, however, so make sure to create one using enough Leather Scraps, Linen Thread, and Black Metal. Boars are great sources of Leather Scraps, so you’ll be glad you tamed them before taming a Lox.

Loxes are able to sprint faster than most players. They also ignore their rider’s armor and cannot be slowed down by whatever their rider is wearing. They also retain their health and damage resistances, making them a desirable companion for Vikings in the world of Valheim.

The Lox’s stamina drains at the same rate as that of players’. It is able to regain one point of stamina every four seconds if it is well-fed, and one point every 10 seconds if it is hungry. Make sure to stock up on cloudberries and barley to feed your tamed Lox.

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Unlike the Hen, Boar, and Wolf, Loxes do not reproduce even if you tame more than two of them—at least at the moment. This means you can only increase the size of your Lox herds by taming one by one, tons of cloudberries at a time.

Things to remember when taming animals in Valheim

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The taming process in Valheim normally takes about 30 minutes and progresses every three seconds when specific conditions are met. So, in order to succeed in taming Boars, Wolves, and Lox in Valheim, you must make sure to do the following:

  • Feed the creature constantly. Hunger can stop the process.
  • Stay away from the creature, or at least stay away from sight. The process will not proceed if it is alerted.
  • Remain in the vicinity. The taming process requires the taming area to be active, meaning you and other players should be within about 64 meters of the creature. This distance depends on the game’s zone system.

And that’s what you need to do to tame all animals in Valheim. To help you in your quest as a Viking, here’s a list of the best weapon types in Valheim as well as some instructions on spawning items in the game.

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