How to Solve Unsecured Hood Cargo in Sneaky Sasquatch: Tips and Tricks

sneaky sasquatch police fine

Our guide below will show how to easily solve ‘Unsecured Hood Cargo’ in Sneaky Sasquatch: tips and tricks! Sneaky Sasquatch needs to earn some money to purchase items, and upgrade or customise vehicles! Every coin counts in this adventure game, and players will want to do whatever they can to earn some Raccoon Coins (Raccoins).

Raccoins put into the bank turn into Bank Notes, which can then be spent on big ticket items such as boats or renting an apartment. Bank Notes are also rewarded through a job with the Police. Any Raccoins earned through collecting fines as a police officer are sent to Sasquatch’s bank account, and one way to gain some extra coin is by fining drivers for ‘Unsecured Hood Cargo’.

Fining Drivers for Unsecured Hood Cargo in Sneaky Sasquatch

To gain fines from ‘Unsecured Hood Cargo’, you will need to be a police officer. This means you will need to know how to become a police officer in Sneaky Sasquatch. Once you have completed that main quest you will be free to drive a police car around and fine drivers for various infractions. Be warned, however, you cannot fine them for made up reason or risk being demoted!

sneaky sasquatch unsecured hood cargo police car
Sneaky Sasquatch (via Clanguard Dinsun on YouTube)

This means you should be very careful attempting the Unsecured Hood Cargo trick. Most of the time it works but sometimes a driver is suspicious of you and will report you to your superior!

The trick to solving Unsecured Hood Cargo is to be a corrupt cop and sneak the unsecured cargo into the driver’s hood yourself. Follow the steps below to make 150 coins per fine!

  • Enter a police vehicle
  • Drive on the road and stop another vehicle
  • Approach the hood of their car and open it
  • Place a piece of your own food inside
  • Close the hood
  • Open the hood again to ‘discover’ the food
  • Speak to the driver
  • Issue their fine by ticking the ‘Unsecured Hood Cargo’ box

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Sneaky Sasquatch unsecured hood cargo
Sneaky Sasquatch (via Clanguard Dinsun on YouTube)

Sometimes drivers will already have unsecured cargo in their hood so there is no need for any dodgy sneaking. It is random so be prepared for the driver to suspect you of planting the food there yourself. A safer way of doing this is to plant the food, let them drive away, and then catch them up and ‘discover’ the food further down the road.

Planting food on drivers as ‘Unsecured Hood Cargo’, is a great way to earn 150 Raccoins for every successful fine! Good luck.

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How to Solve Unsecured Hood Cargo in Sneaky Sasquatch: Tips and Tricks


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