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How to Solve Stones Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension

How to Solve Stones Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension
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The Stones puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension are one of the key components of the Arcane Library. Solving the puzzles grants you IP and XP, but you need to know how to get past these mini-challenges. We’ll show you just that.

Solving the Silent Hill: Ascension Stones Puzzles

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Stone puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension are essentially match-three minigames, much like the Amethyst Runelock puzzle in World of Warcraft. This game mode has five levels, and all follow the sam principles.

You’ll get a board filled with different-colored stones. Your task is to create a horizontal or vertical match of three or more stones. Once you do, the stones will be removed from the board, with those above them falling onto their position and new stones filling up the board.

Matching the stones is possible by swapping the positions of adjacent stones. Simply tap one stone and swipe in the direction where you want to move it. However, note that the stones can only move onto a position where they’ll form a match.

Besides the board, these puzzles also feature various meters on the left. Each meter is dedicated to a specific stone color and has the number of stones you need to remove from the board to win. This means you won’t only need to match and remove stones in general but aim at specific colors to fulfill the goal.

You’ll have additional help in this task in the form of special Power-ups. These move in the same way as stones but, when matched with the appropriate combination, clear up their entire row. Power-ups can help you fill out the meters faster, which can be crucial because your total score will depend on the time spent on solving a puzzle.

Stones puzzles are relatively straightforward to solve. You’ll only need to pay attention to the possible combinations and be quick to swipe. With some practice, it shouldn’t take you long to master the minigame.

That’s all you need to know about Silent Hill: Ascension Stones puzzles. For other guides for this game, check out our Hashi puzzle or Mindfulness Tiles puzzle guides. If you’re yearning for even more guides, we have an entire section only for those!

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How to Solve Stones Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension