How to Slide 50m Continuously in Fortnite

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Fortnite has had the new mechanic of sliding since late 2021, and has made a part of their quests and challenges quite regularly. This week players have been asked to try and slide continuously for 50 meters in order to complete a challenge and gain some bonus XP. So how easy is it to slide for this long? Find out below how to slide 50m continuously in Fortnite.

Sliding for 50 Meters Non-Stop in Fortnite

Sliding is a fun mechanic in Fortnite and used to dodge opponent’s fire, or to move a bit quicker away from danger. It can also be used to negate a lot of the fall damage that may occur as a player falls down a mountainside.

Sliding can be achieved by holding down the button you normally use for crouching. Instead of crouching as normal, your character will begin to slide on their knees. This is easier to achieve if you are running or sprinting, or if you are coming down a hill or mountain.

How to Slide in Fortnite? Fortnite sliding guide
Sliding in Fortnite (via Epic Games)

Sliding lasts longer if you begin to slide from a sprint, and/or from a jumping action or while coming down a hillside. With this in mind, if you want to slide continuously for 50 meters to complete this challenge, you must find a tall mountain or hill, sprint along and, as you reach the peak before going down, begin to slide.

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As you leave the top of the mountain you will slide down, and gain momentum as you slide further and further. Tip: do not choose a mountain side that is too steep as you are more likely to lose traction, and not slide as you want to. The slope you slide down to reach the full 50m should be long and just steep enough to keep momentum going.

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Find tall hillsides to slide down (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

We completed this by going to a mountain with a medium steep side, and another sloped off area beneath it, meaning we could build up speed as we went down and then continue down another slope at the bottom, eventually reaching 50 meters.

We hope that has helped you get this challenge done! Next up, why not check out what other challenges you could complete as you play? Good luck!

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How to Slide 50m Continuously in Fortnite


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