How to Repair an Elytra in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Repairing Elytra

Elytra is one of the most fun-to-use items in Minecraft, as it allows players to fly. Players can equip an elytra in their chestpiece slot and soar through the air whenever they want. However, as it is an equipable armor item, elytra also loses its durability with every use.

When an elytra’s durability drops to one, players won’t be able to fly. If the durability drops mid-air, players might fall to their death. To avoid such unfortunate situations, players should always keep their elytras in check and repair them when needed.

In this guide, you can learn about two different ways to repair an elytra in Minecraft.

Guide to Repairing Elytra in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

To repair an elytra in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you will need either the Mending enchantment or phantom membranes. An elytra can be repaired by adding phantom membranes to it on an anvil.

Repairing an Elytra using Phantom Membranes

You can get phantom membranes by defeating phantoms. These undead flying mobs haunt insomniac players by spawning over their heads at night. When a player has not slept for three or more days, the game will start spawning phantoms at night.

You will have to kill phantoms before the morning as phantoms burn in sunlight. They drop phantom membranes only when killed by a player. After obtaining phantom membranes, place a damaged elytra and a phantom membrane together on an anvil to repair the elytra. Four phantom membranes are enough to fix a completely damaged elytra.

Repairing an Elytra using Mending

Mending Enchantment

Mending is undoubtedly one of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft. You can repair any usable item, including elytras, using Mending. This enchantment restores the durability of an item by consuming XP orbs. With an XP farm and Mending enchantment, you can repair an elytra in just a few minutes.

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How to Repair an Elytra in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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