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How to Recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide

How to Recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide
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With more than 30 recruitable characters in Fire Emblem Engage, it is easy to get anxious about missing some of them and losing the chance to add a powerful team member to your fighting party.

The good thing is that you will meet most of the characters by following the main quest line as you progress through different nations, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and know what you can count on as you expand your Fire Emblem Engage team.

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If you want to learn how to recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage, this guide is for you.

When Can You Recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage?

Louis is one of the six characters you get to meet and recruit in the Kingdom of Firene, besides Alfred, Etie, Boucheron, Chloe, and Celine. He is a representative of Armored units of the Lance Armor class.

If you’re looking forward to adding Louis to your army, the good news is that you won’t have to wait for long: Louis is available for recruitment in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. It is still quite early on in the game, since this is the part where you also get to unlock your home base—the floating island of Somniel.

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How to Recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage

Recruiting Louis is fairly easy, as the game doesn’t force you to jump through any special hoops to add this armored warrior to your team. At the beginning of the battle that defines Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Engage, we get to meet Chloe, Celine, and Louis for the first time as they prepare to defend their kingdom against the incoming invasion.

Luckily, the Divine One is near. After Celine talks to you and gives you the Emblem Ring containing Celica, she will automatically join your team along with Chloe and Louis.

And that’s the whole process! Make sure to put Louis to good use and don’t forget to come back for more Fire Emblem Engage assistance.

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How to Recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide


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