How to Reach Trainer Level 13 in Pokemon Unite fast

A lot of Pokémon players want to get Trainer Level 13 as soon as possible. This level gives you a free pokémon called Crustle. But without the right strategy, it will take a lot of time. In this guide, we`ll explain how to get Trainer Level 13 in Pokemon Unite very fast.

How to Reach Trainer Level 13 Fast in Pokémon Unite

Crustle is the highest award in Beginner`s Challenge. The hardest part for many players is to complete the Day 6 challenge, to reach Trainer Level 13. This may require a lot of time, but the final reward is worth it.

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It`s important to remind what the Trainer Level is for those who are new to this game. The menu with information about it is placed in the left-hand corner of the main menu. You can see there how many Battle Points you need to reach the next level. To reach Level 13 you need 8,300 Battle Points. Players can earn it in online battles and by reaching new heights in Pokémon Unite.

To earn Battle Points as fast as you can, you need to do 3 things:

  1. Play Ranked Unite Battles
  2. Quick Battles, obviously, the fastest battles, but they reward the least experience. Standard and Ranked Unite Battles both take 10 minutes but in Ranked you earn more points so it`s the best option.
  3. Use characters with Beginner`s Bonus Mark.
  4. It`s the characters with blue arrows sign on the bottom left of its card. By using them you will earn extra 50 Battle Points at the end of the match. This bonus will encourage you to try out other Pokémon, at least that’s what the developers think.
  5. Purchase a Battle Point Boost Card.
  6. This item doubles Battle Points that you get from battles. It can be found in the Aeos Emporium under the items menu and costs 400 Aeos Tickets of 40 Aeos Gems for 7 Days.

Also, the best thing you can do is to win the matches. With our advice and desire to win you can get Trainer Level 13 very fast.

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