How to Play With Ump in Free Fire: Guide and Tips


In Free Fire, there are a lot of weapons. You can choose just whatever you want, from different shotguns to a variety of sniper rifles. However, some guns might appear quite hard to use, especially if you are a beginner. Conversely, some weapons are effective and easy to use simultaneously in Free Fire. One of those weapons is Ump. Read this guide to learn how to play with ump in Free Fire. Here are the best tips. Let’s start.

Ump Guide and Tips in Free Fire

The main and the best thing about Ump is that it is one of the most accurate weapons in Free Fire. It has 36 accuracy, which is pretty high. However, you can increase accuracy using attachables. So, you can use a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, and scope to play with the Ump.

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Also, playing with an Ump, you can move and dodge very fast, as it provides the player with high movement speed. Remember that you will move more quickly than other SMGs players.

So, it would be best to use Ump only in middle and short distances. Do not even try to use it at a long-range; this gun will appear useless. Also, it is recommended to use a silencer if you are playing solo mode or in rural areas.

And the last thing you need to know while using UMP is that you must use skins. They will increase weapons stats. For example, cataclysm skin will increase damage and fire range. Art of war skin will increase the rate of fire and damage. However, these skins will also decrease some stats. So, think before choosing the best one for you.

In conclusion, UMP in free fire is one of the most potent weapons for beginners. And if you put a skin on it, it will be perfect. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide! 

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How to Play With Ump in Free Fire: Guide and Tips


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