How to Plant a Reality Sapling 30m Away in Fortnite

reality seed planting 30m challenge feature

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 week 9 challenges have arrived! This week players must find and collect Reality Seeds before they finish bouncing, and then summon a Reality Sapling. If players are smart they can complete two of these week 9 challenges in one match. Find out below how to plant a Reality Sapling 30m away in Fortnite.

Summoning a Reality Sapling over 30m Away in Fortnite

Planting and summoning Reality Saplings are two different, but similar, things. Planting a Reality Seed means you are growing it from the start, while summoning a sapling means you are bringing forth a sapling that is already growing elsewhere. This is particularly useful for players whose sapling needs weeding but is too far away, or in the storm already.

Collecting a new Reality Seed (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

This challenge requires players to plant or summon a Reality Sapling 30m away. Normally, planting a sapling means aiming the seedling in an arc, and throwing it. On a flat surface it will not land and plant 30m away so here is a tip to ensure you complete the task.

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Stand on a high hill, mountain, or structure, and aim from there to a safe place below. You will know if the seed will plant when it lands when the aiming arc is blue and not red.

Stand up high and aim the seed (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

We chose to stand on a Reality Root that stood on top of a hill and throw a seed from there. You can also decide to build a structure, but there is a danger of being shot down and causing fall damage. Once you throw the seed and it lands at least 30m away, you will get a notification and have completed the challenge!

reality seed planting 30m challenge feature
A Reality Seed plated 30m away (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is all you need to know about planting the Reality Seed 30m away. If you need any more help with the week 9 challenges, visit our weekly guide! Good luck.

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How to Plant a Reality Sapling 30m Away in Fortnite


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